Energy Basics

By: Tom Tamarkin Founder Fusion4Freedom & President EnergyCite and ClimateCite Where does energy on our planet come from? There are three primary sources of material amounts of energy on Earth. The word material means an amount of energy greater than 2 % of total worldwide energy demand combining all sectors of transportation, industrial, commercial residential, … Read more

The Energy Trap

By Tom Murphy, Ph.D. USCD Department of Physics, Oct. 18, 2011 Many Do the Math posts have touched on the inevitable cessation of growth and on the challenge we will face in developing a replacement energy infrastructure once our fossil fuel inheritance is spent. The focus has been on long-term physical constraints, and not on … Read more

Nuclear Fission Reactors

By Barrie Lawson, UK Nuclear Energy – The Practice Nuclear energy is the usable energy extracted from atomic nuclei via controlled nuclear reactions and nuclear power plants have been used for commercial electricity generation for over half a century. In 2005, 16% of the world’s electricity was generated by nuclear power (Source – Nuclear Energy … Read more