ComEd incorporates Green Button energy management tools 26 MAY 2016

US power utility ComEd launched its new energy efficiency programme to help customers to improve their energy management, reduce usage and costs.

ComEd is utilising Green Button Download My App to help customers with smart meters to download, authorise and share their energy consumption data with registered third party energy efficiency solution providers for provision of measures to streamline energy management.

The launch of the project which will allow consumers to use a variety of energy efficiency software and smartphone apps.

David Kolata, Director of the Citizens Utility Board-a utility consumers representative board, said, “This is about empowering Illinois consumers to obtain the intelligence they need to maximize the benefits of the smart grid.

“Green Button Connect will help catapult Illinois to the national forefront of providing valuable data on electricity usage directly to consumers, and we’re hopeful this sparks entrepreneurs to develop services and apps that help lower our energy bills,” added Kolata.

The Green Button is a utility industry-led effort in response to a call to action from the White House to give utility customers access to information about their energy consumption.

ComEd and energy management

The utility company is deploying a number of energy management initiatives to ensure it reduces power consumption.

In late April, ComEd announced its plans to replace more than 18,000 streetlights with new smart-ready LED models to reduce power consumption in illinois.
The programme which falls under the utility’s Smart Ideas Energy Efficiency Programme, targets installation of the smart LED streetlights in more than 50 municipalities.

Commenting on the development, Val Jensen, senior vice president of Customer Operations at ComEd said: “Installing smart-ready streetlights is the first step in expanding smart city innovations that provide cleaner options, greater operational efficiencies and strengthen safety and security for our communities.”

The project is expected will help municipalities to reduce ComEd streetlight fees as the new lights consume only one third of power used by existing streetlights.

Furthermore, the lights are said have a longer life span.

The programme, free of charge to the municipalities, will include connecting the streetlights to a digital smart controller to allow a two-way communication with the municipality.

By so doing, municipalities are able to remote control the lights, allowing them to dim lights for energy savings and brighten or flash them.

The system will also allow municipalities to receive immediate notification if a lamp is in need of maintenance