Honeywell develops big data app for utilities 26 MAY 2016

Global energy management technology firm Honeywell launched a new solution to help utilities better manage their grid data.

In a press statement, the US headquartered technology firm said it partnered with its subsidy, metering solutions company Elster for the development of the multi-purpose solution Connexo MultiSense.

Honeywell claims its new version of the solution allows utilities to capture, communicate and process gas, water and electric network data from smart grid devices and sensors in a more simplified and secure manner using a single platform.

The smart grid technology is said to optimise utilities’ operations in line with business, regulatory and customer expectations by providing features such as the provision of advanced security models and management of device configurations in the field.

The solution is also designed to provide automation of various processes in the rollout and management of smart meters and provides easy integration with other Connexo applications, states the company statement.

Commenting on the features of the platform, Koen Bas, head of Product Management Software & Services in the EMEA and APAC regions for Elster Electricity, said: “Connexo MultiSense goes beyond data collection by providing built-in device asset management and device lifecycle management functionality. [Deal of the week: Honeywell buys Elster for US$5.1bn].

“Utilities need to meet the various energy demands of their customers; whilst keeping the supply reliable, cost-effective and profitable. MultiSense has been designed with meter operators in mind,” added Koen.

Smart grid technology deployment

In other recent news on Elster, the firm entered into a contract with Dutch power distribution system operator Enexis to supply the utility with more than 1 million smart electricity meters.

The signing of the five year deal falls under the utility’s efforts to contribute towards Netherland’s reaching European Union’s energy efficiency goals.

In a press statement, Honeywell said Elster was selected by Enexis due to its success in implementing utility’s previous AMI project which saw installation of some 900,000 smart gas meters in 2015. [Honeywell chosen by US utility for 1m smart meter rollout].

Previously, in 2008, the company had supplied the utility with a complete smart grid technology including meter data collection and management platforms for smart metering.

Ben Vermeulen, managing director of Elster Solutions in Netherlands, commented: “The implementation and development of our LTE smart electricity meters is helping to future-proof the grid management capabilities in the Netherlands.”