Comment on “Staged z-pinch modeling of high and low atomic number liners compressing deuterium targets using parameters of the Z pulsed power facility“

[Phys. Plasmas 28, 112701 (2021)]

Irvin R. Lindemuth
Affiliation: Retired, formerly Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, New Mexico
August 2022

This comment and a response by Ruskov, Ney, and Rahman have been accepted for publication in the Physics of Plasmas. Publication is tentatively scheduled in August or September 2022.

This preprint is provided with the understanding that changes may be made prior to publication.

Analysis is presented that shows that the paper by Ruskov, Ney, and Rahman (Phys. Plas. 28, 112701, 2021) gives incorrect physical interpretations to liner-on-plasma computational results and has mathematical deficiencies in the computational approach. The analysis also confirms a previous result: Mach2 calculations of the so-called staged z-pinch artificially inject energy that leads to the incorrect conclusion that the calculations should reach fusion temperatures.

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