Crowd Funding Examples

Artie’s goat milk fudge: collected $80 B in 5 minutes

Flow honey: $5 billion collected to have angry bees in your house. Don’t worry, they’ll only live for one summer.

Solar striping: The sun makes the road tell you what to do, and reports your movements to the Feds. How creepy is that? Made a bundle.

Babel Answering Service: Automatic answering service detects the caller’s native language and answers in a different language. Can be set to “no hablo espanol” or to very heavy foreign accent in whatever language the caller uses. Great for creditors, sales and friends and family you’re mad at. Has received $4 Billion so far.

Go See Artie: Law firm made $30 T in a year. Clients are mainly the people who made billions on GoFundMe. Be rich and independent selling chargeback protection, only 15 hours a week in the Go See Artie Community.