Energy, the Problem & the Opportunity


All people around the world have the same rights of Americans given by their creator to live a life unconstrained by energy availability consistent with their aspirations, values, and economic production. Yet today two thirds of the world live in “energy poverty” and over 1.5 billion people have zero electricity

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As people in lesser developed countries are exposed to the higher standards of living in developed countries through this instant communication, their aspirations increase to become more highly developed countries.

The fundamental “ingredients for a comfortable life” of citizens in any country are abundant affordable food, clean water, and energy: security, transportation and health issues follow.

If all people in the world are to live comfortable lives and thrive, we must increase total worldwide energy production by greater than 4.

Leading green & renewable energy advocate Google announced that current “renewables” like solar & wind cannot provide baseload energy; only small peaking amounts & commercial energy contracts to offset “brown power” costs. The announcement was made in IEEE Spectrum by Google Scientists, Ross Koningstein, Ph.D., & David Fork, Ph.D.; Google suggests a disruptive aneutronic fusion energy solution.

To do this requires much more fossil fuels to be burned at a time when many believe this leads to climate change. The only other alternative is nuclear fission which presents other undesirable problems.

There is only one way to produce the huge amounts of additional power needed. That is through the conversion of matter into energy by clean, safe fusion.


Fusion Elevator Speech

In order for all people in the world to live comfortable lives and have the ability to prosper, we must increase current total worldwide annual energy production by a factor greater than 4. This is not possible, and if it were it would deplete fossil fuel reserves before the end of this century. Today the United States has 4.5% of the world’s population yet it uses over 25% of the world’s annual energy production. “Alternative green and renewable” energy sources can supply less than 5% of projected 2050 total energy requirements. There is only one way to produce this amount of energy to support mankind. That is the conversion of mass into energy through the process of controlled fusion. As a matter of national security and as a moral imperative to safeguard the future of all people in the world, Americans must unite to achieve this goal and demonstrate controlled fusion within a decade. In the interim Americans must understand the need for energy conservation and the successful achievement of this global energy mission.