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Fusion 4 Freedom Game Background
Game Market & Business Overview

Our first focus is on the development of a new series of interactive electronic games to run on standard game platforms, tablets, and smartphones.

These games will receive digital energy information from the homeowner’s smart meter and home automation devices including “smart appliances.” They will also receive information from our “real time world energy fuel gauges.”

The purpose of the games is to subliminally teach people the basic concepts contained in this web site, as continually updated, about science and energy.

The games will cause people to realize that far too much money and time has been spent on the “global warming” issue when the MUCH MORE IMPORTANT issue of solving energy for our future generations has been overlooked in serious scientific circles.

We plan to bring together the nation’s top, most successful game designers for an initial “brainstorming” session to study the goals and objectives of the games.

We will bring in educational pedagogy experts to insure the most effective learning techniques are employed.

We will create a team of designers who are highly motivated to produce a run-away hit series of games targeted at adults and then children.

We know we can produce a very successful crowd funding campaign to fund the game development using Kickstarter or Indiegogo if we bring in a team of known game designers. We believe we can produce a very creative, fun, dynamic 3 to 3 ½ minute video to describe the games, and the overwhelming social values they represent, which will be supported by this web site.

A significant percentage of the funds raised in the game crowd funding campaign will be paid to the developer’s and production team. Additionally a small percent of the revenues produced from game sales will be paid to the development and production team.

The great majority of the game profits will be paid into the EnergyCite® consortium for fusion energy research, development, and commercialization.

Tom Tamarkin has significant early experience with artificial intelligence and computer learning using external data ported into electronic educational products using gaming techniques based on highest order pedagogical theory as the inventor of the “Allegro Mentor” teaching system before PCs with hard drives were developed.

We will develop two sets of games.

The purpose of the games is to allow people to have fun while they learn energy basics based on science and meeting the world’s 2050 need for energy. This forces a general understanding of the scientific facts behind all available options; i.e., current fossil fuels, hydro, solar, wind, bio-fuels, tidal, etc., and in a manner sustainable for centuries to come. This includes tradeoffs based on the current AGW popular and scientific discussions regarding CO2 emissions and related atmospheric concentrations versus the societal need for greater amounts of energy in developed as well as poor nations who are beginning to develop themselves based on their economies, and need for energy and agriculture.

One is for children.
One is for adults.

Energy Game Proposal
Resource Management Game for Energy

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