First Letter to Herman Cain

Tom D. Tamarkin

Via Federal Express 8703 3641 0775

November 7, 2011

Mr. Herman Cain
223 Montross Drive
Mcdonough, GA 30253

Dear Mr. Cain:

Thank you for running for the office of president of the United States as a voice of the people predicated on common sense and real facts. We appreciate what you are doing for America. We see the personal sacrifices you are making as that “big red bulls eye on your back” gets bigger and bigger by the day!

Please find the personal 8X10 photograph as autographed for you by my business partner, the legendary entertainer and singer, Mr. Pat Boone. Attached to the photo is a recent article describing Pats efforts to help take back the House of Representatives by the Republicans. This activity was financed by the Koch Brothers. Pat was recently honored in Washington D.C. by the Republicans in the House and Senate for his efforts.

Let’s get real. Let’s talk about the biggest problem in the entire world. It can be summed up in one word. Energy. Fix energy and we fix the economy. Fix energy and we stabilize the Middle East, halt militant Islam, and put Iran at bay. Fix Energy correctly, and America is revitalized and once again will reassume its role as the moral authority (with Israel) in the world.

Why is this the world’s biggest problem? Because today we use fossil fuels to supply 95% of the energy consumed in the world. The majority comes from oil natural gas, and coal. They are finite. When they’re gone, they’re gone.

Further, much of the world’s petroleum energy comes from countries in the Middle East who are holding the world hostage for oil based revenue. Revenues which they use to subsidize Jihad, and the proliferation of Islam. Revenues they use with the intent of destroying Israel. Revenues they use to march through Europe, on their way to dominate America.

As a physics major and math minor in the 1970s, I was taught that the United States would solve energy by 2000. The solution is all around us. Energy is all around us. As you were a math and science student, I need only remind you of Albert Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity and the relationship of mass and energy. The formula is as simple and eloquent as the Cain 9-9-9 tax plan. The formula is: E=MC².

Mass and energy are simply different forms of the same thing. The Law of Conservation of Mass and Energy says: “Neither matter nor energy can be created nor destroyed; they may be simply converted from one form to the other.”

Using a technique known as controlled fusion we can harness E=MC². In so doing, 2 ½ grams of a special Hydrogen mix can be converted into over 94,300 kilowatt hours of electricity; the equivalent of ≥5,800 gallons of gasoline.

In 1980 President Jimmy Carter signed an act which was to lead to the commercialization of controlled fusion…on line and feeding our electrical grid by 2000. The Act was known as the Magnetic Fusion Energy Engineering Act (MFEE) of 1980.

What happened? Virtually nothing. This legislation as sponsored by U.S. representative Mike McCormack (D) WA went through the House and Senate in record time with near unanimous support. The President signed the Act. Yet 31 years later there have been no practical results. The key word here is practical. Why? The people did not know about the Act and the mission. The people did not hold the politicians accountable to get it done. Funding evaporated. And in 1985, the Russian’s hijacked our meek efforts with the plan leading to ITER; the international effort to harness fusion. ITER, for the record, was virtually 20 years late in groundbreaking!

Pat Boone has recently written a series of five articles on fusion energy. These were published in World Net Daily and NewsMax. Copies of Pat’s articles are enclosed. Collectively, this series is one of the best primers on fusion for non-scientists.

The reasons why the 1980 MFEE Act did not lead to practical results is many and varied. The bottom line is that fusion is real from a scientific standpoint. Once developed, controlled fusion reactors can be used to power the electrical grid. They can also be used to produce synthetic liquid and gaseous fuels for the aviation business and the like. The fuel cycle raw materials are extracted from sea water and a common element called Lithium. We have enough raw materials to power the world for millions of years. And controlled fusion produces no long term harmful radioactive waste. Fusion reactors cannot melt down and cause the kind of problems associated with conventional nuclear fission power plants. And its fuel source is not fissile and therefore has no black market.

Pat and I propose that a challenge be set forth to the American people and its base of scientists to solve energy and provide a demonstration by the end of this decade just as President Kennedy challenged America to put a man on the moon and return him to Earth by the end of the sixties. It can be done. But it cannot and will not be done by the government. Private enterprise must get the job done. And the people must know about it as part of American pride.

In so doing America will be reborn. Once again we will become the preeminent power in the world. Preeminent in science, technology, economic activity, and our G-d given moral imperative to be of service to all mankind.

The United States government and its Department of Energy is playing a dangerous smoke and mirrors game with fusion and with energy in general. On the one hand they say they are on top of it. Pat’s article number 4, page 2, paragraph 7 as highlighted in yellow, shows they are not.

“Green and alternative energy” is but a “scheme” to take media attention off the serious nature of the future energy problem and at the same time get federal taxpayer monies to companies like GE that do not need it.

As a Christian Minister, you will be delighted to know that there is a link in the bible to correctly solving energy for all mankind. Early in the chapter of Genesis the story is laid out differentiating between the optical light (& energy) of the Sun and the divine light (and energy) of the Creation. Man will inherit the divine energy when he shows God he deserves it. In this connection please see the enclosed paper titled: “The Secret of the Sun; Absolute Worldwide Energy Independence” and the two pages from Bereishis Genesis 1:3-4 with Jewish Chasidic Insights as highlighted for you.

Developing fusion as a commercially viable source of power (the only realistic source of power as fossil fuels dwindle) will be the single greatest and most complex ever undertaken by man. In the past we developed aviation from a garage. We developed the vacuum tube and followed it with transistors, integrated circuits, and micro computer chips without government intervention. We sent a man to the moon and back 9 years after the American people were challenged. Yet these accomplishments will pale in comparison to solving energy for eternity.

The United States must do this (with help from Israel.) Today all the United States fusion efforts are directed in support of ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor and Latin for “the way”) in Southern France. Department of Energy (DOE) funded Work at Princeton Plasma Physics Labs, MIT, and the like, is all in support of ITER. Yet America is only a 9% partner in ITER. ITER is like putting the UN in charge of energy! Think of it as unenergy.

Again, we must challenge Americans and private industry to correctly solve energy. The only realistic solution is controlled fusion. The government has mismanaged the fusion program. There has been no concentrated focus on demonstrating what we call a positive net energy gain from plasma fusion and a demonstration reactor shortly thereafter. And let’s not be misled by ITER. Current ITER plans schedule the first Deuterium-Tritium (isotopes of Hydrogen) test reaction leading to net energy gain in 2028. And ITER is not a demo reactor. ITER is a $20 billion dollar plus, high energy physics experiment which will lead to a demo reactor 20 years thereafter. That is virtually 2050. Frankly that is too late. We do not have until 2050 to fix energy.

We propose that you help America get real and begin the serious discussion of how to fix energy. All the solar cells, and wind turbines, and hydro dams, and tidal generators and bio fuel corn farms, and geo-thermal generators, coupled with all the politician’s hot air, can only provide 4% of the worldwide energy requirements of 2050. Let’s let America solve this problem. Let’s let America be paid by the world as we get this done.

Mr. Cain, I would like to meet with you at your convenience and discuss this further. I can start the process via telephone and can bridge you into conferences with some of the foremost scientists in the world that support Pat and my contentions that this can be done in the private sector at a fraction of the cost estimated by the government and in a fraction of the time.

Enclosed herewith in numeric indexed order are the following materials which will bring you up to speed on this issue very quickly:

  • Projected 2050 Supply & Demand Energy Study” Shows that green and alternative energy can only supply 3.7% of 2050 worldwide energy requirements including potable water, agriculture, transportation, industrial, commercial, and residential energy requirements
  • Pat Boone five article set on Fusion; “There is Hope for the World.”
  • Reversing the Decline of America;” How embarking on this fusion project will rebuild America and save us from disaster
  • The Secret of the Sun, Absolute Worldwide Energy Independence” A Jewish and Christian Perspective
  • Bereishit Genesis 1:3-4” Chumash Bereishis; The Book of Genesis
  • The “Magnetic Fusion Energy Engineering Act of 1980” as signed by President Carter
  • Who Killed Fusion?” Fusion – Has the World’s Superpower Lost the Chance to Lead in Energy?
  • October 2009 & October 2010 letter to Congressman and now Majority Leader Eric Cantor
  • Development of Practical Fusion Power; plasma jet Magneto Inertial Fusion” T.D. Tamarkin, et al, White Paper on how the government did not get this done and how private enterprise can
  • PJMIF Tutorial” A document stepping people with science backgrounds through the science section of the PJMIF white paper
  • PJMIF Program Management Plan” This is an example of a realistic plan private enterprise can handle. Note positive net gain demo in 8 years, on line reactor in 15. That can be accelerated. However, we must begin now. We have no time to wait. Let’s get real!

Mr. Cain, your 9-9-9 tax plan will work. It will rejuvenate the economy and restore American’s confidence in government. The MC Squared energy plan will work. And it will put America to work rebuilding America’s preeminence in the world.

We must develop our current coal, gas and oil reserves to the max. We must push back carbon cap and trade. We must moderate the EPA. We must hold down the price of energy and gasoline while at the same time we must develop fusion as the only realistic solution. The lives of our grandchildren depend on it; the livelihood or our citizens will be based on it.

I look forward to discussing the details with you in person and hearing the pleasant sound of the 9-9-9 tax plan and the MC Squared energy plan saturating America’s airwaves.

Tom Tamarkin
Tom Tamarkin

Autographed photo from Pat Boone to Herman Cain:
autographed photo from Pat Boone to Herman Cain