LaRouche Political Action Committee

Lyndon LaRouche has long been an advocate of fusion power going back to the early days of the Fusion Energy Foundation, founded by LaRouche. However LaRouche became so “tainted” due to his radical political views and shrill style, the government forced the foundation’s shutdown and Mr. LaRouche along with 2 employees were jailed in federal prison. The Fusion Energy Foundation never recovered but the LaRouche Political Action Committee has maintained its strong emphasis on the necessity to develop fusion and advocates for it today.

The following video was released by the LaRouche group in January 2015. It is a good lecture on fusion but the emphasis on the use of 3Hellium and the need to set up mining operations on the moon to obtain it is unrealistic and perhaps politically driven. Regardless, as Jason Ross says, fusion must be demonstrated and perfected as a matter of mankind’s survival as we know mankind today.

Mastering nuclear fusion is the essential next stage in long-term human development. Forget making electricity: mastering fusion is as important as leaving the Stone Age or developing the steam engine. Jason Ross puts fusion, specifically helium-3 fusion, in the context of three stages of man: physical (the Stone Age), chemical, and nuclear.

Lyndon LaRouche Views

Lyndon LaRouche and his LaRouche Political Action Committee have a long and deep history of radical political beliefs and provocative statements. He is especially well known for his anti-Israel, anti-Zionist, and anti-Semitic statements and his past views as a Holocaust denier. Follow this link for an unbiased compilation of LaRouche’s views.