Letter to Congressman Eric Cantor

USCL letterhead

2 October 2009
The Honorable Eric Cantor
Congressional Whip
United States House of Representatives
329 Cannon Building
Washington D. C.
Ref: National Security & Energy

Dear Honorable Mr. Cantor:

I wish you well and sincerely thank you for your recent participation in the AIPAC tour of Israel. As an AIPAC Capital Club contributor, I am well aware of your efforts in this connection.

There are two major issues in our world today which threaten the very existence of mankind over the course of the next twenty five years:

  • Energy
  • Middle East instability and its world wide propagation via Shariah Law Financing

When we correctly solve energy we solve the second threat.

As a matter of national security, this must be done in America, The science is there. What it will take is political will. In 1980 President Jimmy Carter signed an Act which should have created and deployed by 2005, a technology known as fusion energy. This would have provided the entire world with a virtually unlimited supply of inexpensive energy for eternity. However, the Act was never funded in part do to the lobbying efforts of “big oil” and various Middle Eastern Countries, Russia, and China.

It is vital that America adopt the correct energy policy. An all out effort to commercialize this fusion energy technology in America must be undertaken. As President Kennedy challenged the country to send a man to the moon and return him to Earth alive within the decade, our political leadership must make a similar challenge now to commercialize fusion energy within 15 years or it will be too late and the energy wars Daniel Yergin forecasts in his epic book “The Prize: The Epic Quest for Oil, Money & Power” will happen. The Washington green and alternative energy bandwagon today is but a band aid.

A colleague of mine will call you in a week. Her name is Brigitte Gabriel and her daughter, Virginia, served as an intern in your private office. We are seeking your assistance in bringing this matter to the attention of the correct group in Congress.

Very Truly Yours,

Tom Tamarkin
Tomer D. Tamarkin
President & CEO

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