2nd Letter to Congressman Cantor

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28 October 2010
The Honorable Eric Cantor
Congressional Whip
United States House of Representatives
329 Cannon Building
Washington D. C.
Ref: JTA Cantor Interview, Jerusalem Post Response, America and Israel’s National Security

Dear Honorable Mr. Cantor:

You may recall that Lisa Korbatov and her parents introduced us at the Cantor Victory event in Beverly Hills in early October 2009. At that meeting I gave you a letter on national security and energy along with some Cantor Victory Fund support. I enclose a copy of that October 2 letter herewith for your convenience.

I have expanded on the principal subject matter of that letter in the enclosed paper styled “Reversing the Decline of America” in both English and Hebrew. Why Hebrew? Because I know your love for the State of Israel and you’re Jewish roots yearning for important information in the language of G-d, Torah, and Bible.

Clearly we must immediately begin the development of commercial controlled nuclear fusion as the Magnetic Fusion Energy Engineering Act of 1980 sponsored by 95% of the Senate and House required of us. Unfortunately the Act was never funded and managed. To help your staff prepare you on this issue, I have enclosed a key article we commissioned on what went wrong and “who killed fusion.” The American public should be furious with our elected leaders in the 80s and 90s because they let us down and became corrupt in the process. Our national security and stature in the world was severely compromised in the process.

My company will be launching a grass roots effort to get this information to the American public so they in turn can provide a crystal clear mandate to the new 2010 and 1012 leadership to, as Dr. Robert Spencer in America and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel, have called for, to embark immediately on a “Manhattan Like Project” to find a new source of energy and get the world off of fossil fuels. This will dry up the oil revenue stream fueling the Middle East enemies of the United States and Israel, thereby neutralizing their attempts to march forward in pursuit of world domination.

Chasidic Tanya teaches us that Israel is not a state or geographic location per se, but rather the collection of all Jews (Jacob) throughout the world. When one country outside Israel has the majority of the world wide Jewish population, that country assumes the responsibilities and accountabilities of Israel as set forth by G-d and handed down to the Israelites at Sinai. Today, that country is the United States of America as our Jewish population is ever so slightly greater than the State of Israel. This is the root of America’s unshakeable bond with the State of Israel, the first flowering of our redemption.

It is critical that America and the State of Israel come together in partnership and address the correct solving of energy through the commercial development and deployment of controlled nuclear fusion. As Warren Buffet says, Israel is home to intellectual energy, brains, and integrity. Israel is also home to many of the best physicists, mathematicians and applied materials engineers in the world, second only to the United States. Many years ago Israel Minister of Science, Professor Yuval Ne’eman, called for Israel to commercialize controlled nuclear fusion as the only guaranteed measure to insure its safety and preeminence in the Middle East, as well as the best means to solve its energy needs as a country isolated from its neighbors. Unfortunately the State of Israel did not have the capital resources at the time to embark on this ambitious plan alone.

Together, the United States and Israel can get this done in our life time and hold the Islamic world at bay in the process. This will take even deeper bonds between us and much financial support (maybe 1/5 of what the U.S. government put into AIG Insurance Co. to keep it afloat.)

In connection with America’s financial aid to Israel in such critical areas, my dear friend Brigitte Gabriel, Virginia’s mother, directed my attention to an interview with you by the JTA- The Global News Service of the Jewish People. I have enclosed a printed version of this along with commentary published in yesterday’s Jerusalem Post critical of the stated positions. Could you kindly have your staff review this document and advise me as soon as possible as to the official position of your office on this matter. I know you are a strong supporter of Israel and I believe it is important to our Jewish and Christian Israel supporting public to have clarification on this matter.

The next time I am in Washington D.C. I will contact your office for an appointment and I look forward to helping your efforts in “taking back our country” through financial support and any other means.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and response.

Very Truly Yours,
Tom Tamarkin
Tomer (Tom) D. Tamarkin
President & CEO



Letter to Eric Cantor 2 October 2009 (green tab)
Reversing the Decline of America (blue tab)
Who killed fusion? Article (red tab)
Discussion of controlled nuclear fusion (purple tab)
Objections and counter arguments on fusion (yellow tab)
JTA interview with Eric Cantor, Jerusalem Post commentary thereon (orange tab)

CC: Lisa Korbatov
Brigitte Gabriel

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