Second Letter to Herman Cain

Tom D. Tamarkin

November 9, 2011

Mrs. Gloria Cain
Mr. Herman Cain
223 Montross Drive
Mcdonough, GA 30253

Dear Mrs. & Mr. Cain:

I want to take a few minutes and thank both of you for what Herman is doing for America. It is a matter of utmost importance that Herman’s run for the presidency of the United States continues, and that his efforts to be elected president succeed.

Let me tell you straight up, the current media hyped allegations against Herman is nothing more than the evil left reacting to the threat Herman represents. The threat to the status quo in Washington D.C… There is tremendous power and money behind these evil efforts. Rest assured these efforts will fail. Why? Because the truth is on your side.

Two days ago you received a package with a detailed letter to Herman accompanied by various enclosures. Chief among those were the series of five articles written by Pat Boone on energy and specifically fusion energy. Please know that I was responsible for getting Pat Boone on board. I am the “copy writer in the back room with green shades…so to speak.”

Enclosed please find the October 3, 2008 Letter from Dr. Gerald Schroeder of Jerusalem to Ms. Sarah Palin. I helped write that letter for my very good friend Dr. Schroeder, and he placed it on his letterhead with his signature. I had Rabbi Mendel Cohen writer a letter as well to Ms. Palin which accompanied Dr. Schroeder’s. And I had my friend Jack Donahue in Naples Florida hand these letters to Ms. Palin in his living room (see October 8 letter.) Unfortunately the election was lost…
Please find the copy of God According to God as written by Gerald Schroeder. Also check out his background at:

I have also enclosed my December 10, 2010 letter to Pat Boone, copy to Gerald Schroeder Ph.D., and Brigitte Gabriel. I enclose a copy of Brigitte’s Militant Islam DVD. Please take a few minutes and watch my good friend Brigitte as she explains to Americans what is really going on with radical Islam and how it operates.

Additionally I enclose my February 10, 2011 letter and my February 15th letter to Pat Boone. I was given a meeting with Pat at his Beverly Hills office on February 21, 2011. I have further enclosed the private minutes from that meeting, CC Dr. Schroeder and Brigitte. Finally, I enclose my February 25th letter to Pat thanking him for his time as well as the confidential and private letter to Pat dated February 25 Ref: Air Powered Car. When you read the Air Powered Car letter you will at once see that I am a 100% straight shooter even at the risk of being “politically incorrect” and damaging a relationship of importance.

The United States government and specifically the Department of Energy have mismanaged the fusion energy development program for the last thirty years. Why? See the enclosed Nefesh and Neshamah paper written by Dr. Schroeder.

It is now absolutely crucial that this knowledge be made known to the American people. It is now absolutely crucial that this energy source be developed over the course of this decade. The future of the United States depends on it and indeed the future of the free world….if not all of mankind, depends on it.

The present administration will be against this. George Soros and his followers will be against this. Iran will be against this…. Why will the American administration be negative? Because it is intent on tearing down America and what it stands for and that is why attempts are being made to tear down future President Herman Cain and what he stands for. The New World Order looms ahead in our current president’s mind.

It is very important that Herman move forward with his campaign. It is equally important that he work with Pat Boone and me as well as Mark Block and Tommy von der Heydt on this fusion power issue. Pat and I can bring the 60 Plus Association into the mix and we can mobilize “America’s Greatest Generation” in support of Herman. Further we can enlist the support of the Koch Brother’s foundations to help spread the word via documentary videos. And we will neutralize the current baseless shameful and libelous claims from the left.

Herman is the only remaining hope for America. The other four leading Republican contenders will not be able to cope with the severe decline America is in. Look at our national debt, the state of education, and the world wide image of America as a “has been nation.” Only Herman can change Washington D.C. Look at the American President’s shameful meeting with President Sarkozy in France and his statement to Mr. Sarkozy regarding PM Netanyahu (Israeli News Release enclosed.)

I hope my sincerity in this matter is now apparent to you given the wealth of materials you have received. Do a Google on: Tom Tamarkin & Fusion. As a husband and wife team, America needs the Cain’s! The current media frenzy slander is but a test of Herman’s character.

We must fix energy for the world. It is a process that will take two presidential terms to see demonstrable results. This is the most important work in the entire world and it must be done under Herman’s watch or it will not be done. And Israel must be involved.

Please contact me at your convenience and let’s plan to work together to make this happen. The entire world will thank you In the meantime stand tall and stand tough against those who would hope to defeat Herman and work diligently to expose their evil supporters.

Tom Tamarkin
Tom Tamarkin

CC: Pat Boone, Brigitte Gabriel, Gerald Schroeder, Ph.D., Mark Block, Tommy von der Heydt