Letter to Donald Trump

Tom D. Tamarkin

July 20, 2012
Mr. Donald Trump, Chairman and CEO
Trump organization
725 Fifth Avenue
New York City, New York 10022

Ref: Pat Boone’s Email & Governor Romney Republican Victory

Dear Mr. Trump:

On July 17th I met with Governor Mitt Romney personally and handed him a very important letter from me as well as a letter from my EnergyCite® partner, Pat Boone. My message to the Governor can be summed up as follows: “A democracy can only survive as a democracy if it has a reason to survive.” Our “greatest generation” won WW II for the world and flew to the moon and back. If we want America to survive as the world’s preeminent power, we must give its people the reason to do so. Cashing “Obama checks” is no reason.

For almost two years Pat and I have been working as a team investigating and writing about the need to correctly solve energy beyond fossil fuels. Eight articles (enclosed as index number 6) have been published under Pat’s name in World Net Daily and NewsMax. My role is the science guy who does the research and an article draft in “physics language.” Pat’s role is to translate into English in a style average people can understand and relate to. We have invested tens of thousands of dollars and many hundreds of hours traveling the world to all the major research laboratories and interviewing the top scientists in the field practicing for decades.

Our letters are enclosed in the black portfolio in the top plastic sleeve. My letter asks Governor Romney to challenge America to openly “fess up” to the fact that all the green and renewable energy resources in the world can only provide less than 5% of the world’s 2050 energy requirements. Then challenge the people and free enterprise to solve the problem.

The top of the letter highlights the fact that the U.S. government has known the real solution to the world energy crisis for over 30 years. It also notes that the Obama Administration and the U.S. Department of Energy have engaged in a smoke and mirrors strategy to hide this from the people. The rear of the letter provides a list of 22 references based on over four years of intense proactive investigation and research.

We need to schedule a meeting at your office asap to give you a short but intense briefing on this matter of national security. We require your cooperation in insuring that the Governor and the party take this challenge on. The third reference, “Reversing the Decline of America; On The Proliferation of Islam, Agenda 21, Energy, and The Decline of America” shows how we will rebuild our country and control the sciences, technologies, and commercial trade components to rapidly pay off our national debt. Pat and I will be in touch in a couple of days.

Tom Tamarkin
Tom D. Tamarkin
CC: Pat Boone

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