Letter to Israeli PM Netanyahu on Iran

F4F letterhead

January 23, 2015

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu
The State of Israel
3 Kaplan St. Hakirya
Jerusalem 91950 Israel
Ref: Solutions Based Iran Proposal for Israel & International Community

Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu:

We met in California prior to your assuming office in 2009. We discussed energy, the electrical grid system in Israel, and nuclear issues including the need for fusion power development and its advocacy before the Knesset by Science & Energy Minister, Yuval Ne’eman in 1982.

Israel now has a key and decisive role to play in international policy leading to world peace. This is entrusted to you and enabled by your upcoming appearance before the United States Congress and the current pendency in the Iran nuclear program negotiations.

I have drafted a straightforward proposal for your consideration as enclosed herewith and published on-line at: https://fusion4freedom.com/iran-solution/. Your incorporation of this suggested approach in all your speeches will portray Israel as the sole peacemaking solutions oriented country among the nations of the world. If Iran dismisses this as it most likely will, the record is 100% clear on Iran’s intent to acquire nuclear weapons capability. The commercial interests of both Russia and China are built into this proposal, as well as those of Israel.

Also, please read my previous letter to you of 4 January 2015 on a related subject which dovetails into the Iranian proposal subject, and is incorporated in the last paragraph thereof. In the event you have not seen it, it is published on-line at: https://fusion4freedom.com/letter-to-israeli-pm-binyamin-netanyahu/. A PDF copy may be downloaded from that site.

With the greatest admiration for you and the State of Israel,

Tom Tamarkin
Tomer (Tom) Tamarkin

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