New York works toward 100MWh electricity storage target 28 SEPTEMBER 2016

New York City’s mayor has reportedly issued “aggressive targets” for the city’s electricity storage and solar capacity, totaling 100MWh of storage by 2020.

Mayor Bill de Blasio has set a target of reaching 1GW of solar capacity by 2030 in addition to the 100MWh electricity storage target by 2020.

New York will issue permits for more than 3,000 solar panel installations this year, bringing the city’s total to over 8,000 in 2016.

The de Blasio administration affirmed that the city is on track to hit its 2025 target of 100MW of solar power on public buildings and 250MW on private buildings. [New York state utilities include meter pilots as part of Reforming the Energy Vision]

New York-based investor-owned energy company Con Edison says that it is actively working with government agencies and the solar industry to encourage more solar development.

“To this point, our New York City customers have completed more than 6,500 solar projects, producing about 80MW of clean renewable power. We’re the fifth-largest solar developer nationwide, and we’ve reduced our carbon footprint 48% since 2005, equal to taking half a million vehicles off the road,” says the utility company.

In early September, Con Edison said it was offering local businesses incentives to install over US$5 million of cold energy storage systems. electricity storage.

Carbon emissions reduction

Apart from New York’s electricity storage and solar targets, de Blasio announced a suite of new energy efficiency initiatives that will dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions from New York City’s over one million buildings – of all sizes, types, and uses – and put the city on a pathway to an 80% reduction in all emissions by 2050. [New York signs energy management deal for commercial buildings]

According to Planetsave, the city has outlined a series of programmes that will provide technical and financial support to building owners and managers in making these significant improvements.

Mayor Bill de Blasio, said: “Cities that lead on climate, lead on buildings. We’ve set bold goals as we take on climate change and a clear path to meet them. The City has been leading the way by greening our own public facilities. Now, these new initiatives will dramatically reduce emissions from New York City’s over one million buildings, while saving New Yorkers millions and creating thousands of new jobs – and we’ll be providing owners support throughout the process.”