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ITER The next step after ITER will be a demonstration power plant—or DEMO—that will explore continuous or near-continuous (steady-state) operation. Decades of fusion research and generations of fusion devices have contributed to the design of ITER. And ITER, in its turn, will contribute to the design of the next-generation machine—DEMO—that will bring fusion research to the threshold of a prototype ... Read More »

Compact spherical tokamak would be 100 times smaller than ITER and has a chance to start operating decades earlier

Next Big Future May 31, 2016 Startup company Tokamak Energy has published three papers showing size is not an important factor in fusion reactors and proving that a compact spherical tokamak reactor can produce high power. This turns the pursuit of fusion into a series of engineering challenges. The Tokamak Energy plan will overcome these challenges, such as the development ... Read More »

Secretary of Energy Moniz urges work on ITER nuclear fusion reactor

Electric Light & Power 05/27/2016 Dr. Jeff Quintenz, Senior Vice President of General Atomics‘ Energy Group, issued the following statement on Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz’s report recommended continued U.S. support for ITER, the world’s largest magnetic fusion device designed to prove the feasibility of fusion power as a large-scale and carbon-free source of energy based on the same principle that ... Read More »

US advised to stick with troubled fusion reactor ITER Davide Castelvecchi& Jeff Tollefson, 27 May 2016 Matthieu Colin/ITER The ITER project under construction in southern France on 29 April 2016. The Department of Energy says the US should fund ITER until 2018, and then re-evaluate its progress. The troubled multibillion-euro nuclear-fusion project ITER has improved its performance and management, and the United States should continue to support the ... Read More »

Iter cryoplant tanks ready for shipment

WNN 18 May 2016 The two biggest tanks for the Iter fusion reactor’s cryoplant have been completed in the Czech Republic. An exceptional convoy will be required to transport them to the Iter construction site in southern France. The quench tanks measure 35 meters in length, 4.5 meters in diameter and weighing about 160 tonnes. They were produced by French ... Read More »

ITER nuclear fusion project faces new delay, cost overrun: Les Echos

American Energy News May 2, 2016 Nuclear fusion reactor will not see first test of super-heated plasma before 2025 C onstruction of the ITER nuclear fusion project in Cadarache, France will continue. ITER organization photo. PARIS, May 2 (Reuters) – The international ITER project to build a prototype nuclear fusion reactor will be delayed by more than a decade and ... Read More »

Analyzing a Component of the ITER Tokamak with Simulation

comsol Brianne Costa April 12, 2016 We can solve many of the world’s energy sustainability problems by harnessing the power of the sun through fusion energy. Tokamaks are devices that test the practicality of employing fusion energy on Earth. ITER, which will be the largest tokamak on Earth when complete, has required years of research and a magnitude of resources. ... Read More »

MEPs refuse to sign off on budget for ITER nuclear fusion project

EU Reporter The European Parliament’s lead budgetary control committee held its annual vote on the discharge of the EU budget on 4 April. MEPs voted unanimously to refuse to recommend granting a discharge to the EU budget line for the ITER nuclear fusion project. The report voted by the committee highlights concerns with cost overruns, delays and mismanagement. The European ... Read More »

Economic Literacy 101

By Paul Driessen Feb. 27, 2016 Do millennials really want the Big Government socialist policies Bernie and Hillary advocate? America’s 18- to 34-year-old “millennials” have been tutored in group-think schools that extol socialism. Now they lionize liberal politicians whose class-warfare prescriptions include taxing away all but maybe 1% of the nation’s 0.0001% billionaires’ wealth, then going after Wall Street, Big ... Read More »

ITER Fusion Project: World Leader in Renewable Energy Feb. 22, 2016 Today 80% of the developed world’s energy comes from fossil which meets energy demand but these fuels present environmental issues and climate change challenges. By 2050, it is predicted that the population will be 9 billion and there will be a dramatic increase in energy consumption for which no one solution will be able to fill ... Read More »

Landmark ITER nuclear fusion energy test a decade away

THE AUSTRALIAN NOVEMBER 23, 2015 Construction of the ITER nuclear fusion project in southern France Humanity will wait 10 years for a major trial of a different form of nuclear energy regarded as a game changer in the centuries ahead. So far man-made nuclear energy has involved fission, the release of energy with the splitting of atoms of uranium and ... Read More »

IPP to develop plasma control system for the ITER test reactor

Research in Germany 27 Nov 2015 Source: Max-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik The complex software by means of which the ITER international fusion reactor is to be operated and the plasma experiments are to be controlled in real time is to be developed by Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics (IPP) at Garching bei München in conjunction with the ITER organisation at ... Read More »

ITER fusion project to take at least 6 years longer than planned

Sciance Mag By Daniel Clery 19 November 2015 The multibillion-dollar ITER fusion project will take another 6 years to build beyond the—now widely discredited—official schedule, a meeting of the governing council was told this week. ITER management has also asked the seven international partners backing the project for additional funding to finish the job. It remains unclear whether the project ... Read More »

How to innovate with nuclear energy. The ITER Project. By Kenneth G.Martinez 03/11/2015 The need to find a source of sustainable energy and the commitment to fighting climate change are the main driving forces behind research in the field of nuclear energy. ITER, which means “path” in Latin, is a further step along that path. This is an international-scale experiment, whose objective is to demonstrate the scientific and ... Read More »

Siemens to work on ITER fusion heating systems

The Engineer 14 October 2015 Siemens and Fusion for Energy (F4E) are collaborating on the heating systems for ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor), the technology project hoping to validate fusion energy’s potential. F4E – the EU’s branch of ITER – will partner with Siemens to develop three units of equipment that will host power supplies for the Neutral Beam Injectors ... Read More »

Science writers visit MIT’s fusion experiment

MIT Paul Rivenberg | PSFC | October 14, 2015 In the control room, Dr. Bob Mumgaard demonstrates how the plasma in a glow discharge tube responds to magnetic fields. Fusion devices like MIT’s Alcator C-Mod tokamak use magnets to keep hot plasma contained and away from the walls of the device. Paul Rivenberg On the Sunday of Columbus Day weekend ... Read More »

‘Exploding Kittens’ Card Game Literally Explodes On Kickstarter With $8.8M Campaign

NoCamels By Maya Yarowsky, February 24, 2015 Exploding kittens, bear-o-dactyls and pig-a-corns; no, these aren’t the names of rare species you’ve never heard of and animal rights activists aren’t freaking out. These are some of the characters in the “Exploding Kittens” card game that raised a whopping $8.8 million in its recent Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, making it the third most ... Read More »

Star Power: Troubled ITER nuclear fusion project looks for new path

Economic Times, Times of India By AFP | 22 May, 2015 Technicians work at the construction site of the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) on May 18, 2015 in Saint­Paul­les­Durance, southern France. SAINT-PAUL-LES-DURANCE, FRANCE: In 1985, then Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and US president Ronald Reagan launched one of the unlikeliest ideas of the Cold War. Under it, the Soviet ... Read More »

Work starts on Iter central solenoid

World Nuclear News 15 April 2015 Fabrication of the central solenoid of the Iter fusion project has been started by the USA’s General Atomics (GA). The solenoid – due for delivery in 2019 – will be one of the largest superconducting electromagnets ever built. The fabrication hall for the Iter central solenoid (Image: Iter) The central solenoid – measuring 18 ... Read More »

ITER nuclear fusion project

The Greens European Free Alliance 24.03.2015 MEPs’ concerns with ITER budget underline need to pull the plug The European Parliament’s lead budgetary control committee refused to recommend granting a discharge (1) to the EU budget line for the ITER nuclear fusion project in a vote yesterday evening. The report voted by the committee highlighted concerns with cost overruns, delays and ... Read More »

Tough Questions for ITER’s New Director General, Bernard Bigot

By Alexander Hellemans 20 Mar 2015 Photo: Lydie Lecarpentier/REA/Redux When ITER, the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor project, was launched in 1985, the plans called for a huge reactor that would demonstrate that the fusion of hydrogen atoms into helium atoms would be a source of unlimited energy. Its founding nations (Russia, the United States, Japan, and the EU (China and ... Read More »

One giant leap for mankind: £13bn Iter project makes breakthrough in the quest for nuclear fusion, a solution to climate change and an age of clean, cheap energy

UK Independent An idyllic hilltop setting in the Cadarache forest of Provence in the south of France has become the site of an ambitious attempt to harness the nuclear power of the sun and stars. It is the place where 34 nations representing more than half the world’s population have joined forces in the biggest scientific collaboration on the planet ... Read More »

An interview with ITER Director-General Bernard Bigot

ITER 06 March 2015 “We are now entering into manufacturing and preparations for assembly,” says Bernard Bigot. “This new phase requires a new organization—one tailored to meet these two major challenges, because what we have to deliver now is both a research and an industrial facility.” © L.Godart/CEA An academic, scientist and high-level civil servant who “has always been concerned ... Read More »

French nuclear expert to lead ITER to construction phase

E&T Magazine 6 March 2015 By Tereza Pultarova French nuclear energy expert Bernard Bigot was appointed ITER’s new Director General [Credit: ITER] French nuclear energy expert Bernard Bigot has been appointed the new Director General of the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) as the project moves from the design to construction phase after years of delays. Bigot, previously a chairman ... Read More »

RT award winning documentary on fusion and the ITER project status

On this award-winning show of Technology Update, we check up on one of largest international scientific collaborations ever, the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor. ITER has the potential to produce unlimited clean power by making the Holy Grail of energy production, nuclear fusion, a reality. Our journey takes us to the ITER construction site in sunny Cadarache in the south of ... Read More »

Introduction and update on ITER

The world’s most powerful countries are collaborating on the ITER project (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) in France. The $20 billion facility will heat gas to 150 million degrees in an attempt to create a nuclear fusion reaction when it becomes fully operational in 2027. Read More »

First ‘exceptional load’ delivered to Iter The first of some 250 “exceptional loads” has been delivered to the construction site of the Iter fusion reactor project at Cadarache in southern France. The high-voltage transformer was manufactured in South Korea. The transformer begins its voyage by barge from Fos-sur-Mer across the Gulf of Fos, through the Canal de Caronte, and finally across the inland sea of ... Read More »

As threatened, Senate budgetmakers move to end U.S. participation in ITER

sciencemag By Adrian Cho 2 July 2014 ITER, under construction Budgetmakers in the U.S. Senate have moved to halt U.S. participation in ITER, the huge international fusion experiment now under construction in Cadarache, France, that aims to demonstrate that nuclear fusion could be a viable source of energy. Although the details are not available, Senate sources confirm a report by ... Read More »

Future of JET secured with new European contract 29 March 2019 A contract extension for the world’s largest fusion research facility, Joint European Torus, has been signed by the UK and the European Commission The contract extension will secure at least €100m in additional inward investment from the EU over the next two years. The news brings reassurance for the more than 500 staff at site in ... Read More »

Side trips on the road to fusion

Physics Today 01 February 2019 A California startup has a multipronged approach to help pay for its decade-long quest to demonstrate fusion at a commercial scale. The approach includes a novel concept to become a part-time scientific user facility funded by the Department of Energy. TAE Technologies also is soliciting tax breaks and other financial inducements from state and local ... Read More »

Is Fusion Power Within Our Grasp?

Forbes By Ariel Cohen | Jan 14, 2019 Inside the ITER Tokamak reactor during operationCCFE, JET Two recent developments in the world of fusion power are giving scientists and policymakers newfound optimism for the elusive ‘holy grail’ of energy technologies. The first is a discovery by the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) which uses radio frequency ... Read More »

Nuclear Fusion: We’ve Discovered a Way to Stabilize Super-hot Plasma

Newsweek Allan H. Reiman and Nathaniel J. Fisch On 1/15/19 Scientists have worked for decades to control nuclear fusion, wherein isotopes of hydrogen fuse to form helium, thereby releasing enormous amounts of energy. The nuclear fusion reaction is the same process that produces the vast energy of the Sun. If achieved, it would provide a near unlimited form of clean ... Read More »

Finally, Fusion Power Is About to Become a Reality Brian Bergstein | Jan 3, 2019 Scientists inside a fusion reactor, UK. Photo: Monty Rakusen/Getty Long considered a joke, or a pipe dream, fusion is suddenly making enormous leaps The idea first lit up Dennis Whyte when he was in high school, in the remote reaches of Saskatchewan, Canada, in the 1980s. He wrote a term paper on how ... Read More »

United States should prepare to build a prototype fusion power plant, panel says

Science By Adrian Cho | Dec. 13, 2018 A new National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine report calls for a complete rejuvenation of the U.S. fusion program, which hasn’t built a tokamak like the National Spherical Torus Experiment at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory since the 1990s. Elle Starkman/PPPL Communications (CC BY-NC) Just in time for the holidays, a ... Read More »

How ‘miniature suns’ could provide cheap, clean energy

BBC By Emma Woollacott | 16 November 2018 Our sun is a huge nuclear fusion reactor. Can we mimic its energy-making process on earth? We’re just five years away from harnessing almost unlimited power from “miniature suns”, some start-ups say: nuclear fusion reactors that could provide abundant, cheap and clean energy. In a world of global warming caused by our ... Read More »

Billionaires Chase ‘SpaceX Moment’ for the Holy Grail of Energy

Bloomberg by Jonathan Tirone | October 29 2018 (Bloomberg) — Not long before he died, tech visionary Paul Allen traveled to the south of France for a personal tour of a 35-country quest to replicate the workings of the Sun. The goal is to one day produce clean, almost limitless energy by fusing atoms together rather than splitting them apart. ... Read More »

A new path to solving a longstanding fusion challenge

David L. Chandler | MIT News Office | October 9, 2018 Novel design could help shed excess heat in next-generation fusion power plants. A class exercise at MIT, aided by industry researchers, has led to an innovative solution to one of the longstanding challenges facing the development of practical fusion power plants: how to get rid of excess heat that ... Read More »

Burnaby’s General Fusion lands $49m investment from feds

BIV By Tyler Orton | October 26, 2018 Plasma injector heats matter to 5 million degrees Celsius. | General Fusion A Burnaby-based clean-energy pioneer is banking on a sizeable government investment to create hundreds of new jobs. The federal government announced October 26 it’s investing $49.3 million in General Fusion. Dollars from the Strategic Innovation Fund will create 400 new ... Read More »

Ignition Pending

Physics World 16 Oct 2018 Reproducing the energy of stars here on Earth could revolutionize how we fuel our lives. But why does fusion energy always seem to be 30 years away? Melanie Windridge investigates Scientists have been trying to harness nuclear fusion – the energy of the stars – since the 1930s. The reaction, in which atomic nuclei form ... Read More »

How far away are we from commercial fusion energy?

The Economic Times (India) Oct 18, 2018 After achieving the milestone mark of 50 per cent to first plasma in November 2017, ITER project implementation progresses by 0.7 per cent per month. Electricity-generating fusion power plants -one of the biggest inventions in history — might be safe, efficient, reliable and environmentally responsible. But, how far are we from turning science ... Read More »

Helion Energy got funding for possible breakeven fusion device this year

Next Big Future brian wang | October 1, 2018 Helion Energy has successfully raised $30 million raised in the past three years will be enough to get Helion through the debut of its 50-megwatt break-even nuclear fusion prototype. Helion’s commercial strategy is to build fusion reactors in Washington, with capacity of about 50 megawatts, and deploy them at industrial facilities. ... Read More »

A new path to solving a longstanding fusion challenge

MIT David L. Chandler | MIT News Office | October 9, 2018 Novel design could help shed excess heat in next-generation fusion power plants. The ARC conceptual design for a compact, high magnetic field fusion power plant. The design now incorporates innovations from the newly published research to handle heat exhaust from the plasma. ARC rendering by Alexander Creely A ... Read More »

Tokamak Energy

Institution of Mechanical Engineers As part of our Innovation campaign, we spoke to Tokamak Energy’s Dr Melanie Windridge about the company’s vision, the role of engineers in society, and what innovation means to her. Tokamak Energy is one of the companies supported by our Stephenson Fund. What does Tokamak Energy do? Tokamak Energy is working on nuclear fusion, the long-awaited ... Read More »

A third dimension helps Tokamak fusion reactor avoid wall-destroying instability

ARS Technica Chris Lee – 9/13/2018 Currents and fields in the KSTAR Tokamak. The success of Tokamaks for fusion is a story unto itself, with the toroidal magnetic containers setting records for keeping high-energy plasmas under control, a necessary step for sustaining fusion. The overriding narrative, at least on the scientific side, is that when you have an unstable plasma, ... Read More »