Pat Boone’s Letter to Dr. Miriam Adelson

Office of Pat Boone
9220 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, California 90069

August 11, 2014

Dear screener…

My name is Pat Boone, from Beverly Hills and Hollywood, California…

I hope you’re not too young to know what a Pat Boone is–but I’m an American entertainer for the last 50 plus years, and I assure you the Adelson’s know me and especially my love and support for Israel.

I composed the lyrics to Ernest Gold’s revered title melody for the movie EXODUS. I introduced my own recording of the song on Ed Sullivan’s TV show shortly after the film became a worldwide hit…and the song soon became one of the most beloved and requested songs of all time. I have been especially grateful to have been given those words, because they clearly voice my allegiance to Israel and the Jewish people, who are under such insidious attack at this moment.

I’m urgently requesting the opportunity to speak with Dr. Miriam Adelson, along with a scientist friend and partner regarding a scientific and ultimately humanitarian blessing for Israel. It’s actually an answer for the whole world, which Israel can implement and take deserved credit for!

Will you please forward this request to Dr. Adelson…and please share with her this link to my performance of “This Land is Mine”(Exodus), which I sing atop Masada overlooking the Dead Sea.

Last year, in Israel with Governor Mike Huckabee, I presented the card on which I had written the Exodus lyric to Shaya ben Yehuda, director of Yad his request . It is now displayed on the Wall of the Righteous Gentile, along with representations of other Gentiles who have chosen to be closely identified with God’s Chosen People. Please see this story:

I only convey this information so that Dr. Adelson, whom I greatly admire, will feel I and my friend truly have something to show her that can greatly bless Israel and the world at this crucial time.

I will call your office at 3661 South Maryland Parkway, suite 64, Las Vegas, Nevada Monday morning, attempting to insure this note has been received and, if possible, to coordinate a short phone call with Dr. Adelson. I’m fully aware of how busy she must always be…and will be respectful of her time.

Thank you. My private number is 310 498 xxxx (confidential)

G-D bless you,

Pat Boone

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