Letter to Peter Thiel

Tom D. Tamarkin – 5545 El Camino Avenue – Carmichael, CA 95608 – 916-482-2000
Pat Boone – 9220 Sunset Blvd Suite 310 – Los Angeles, CA 90069 – 310-858-0044

November 12, 2016
Peter A. Thiel

Ref: Policy Proclamation to help make America Great Again

Dear Peter:

We are contacting you because of your nuclear power advocacy and your investment in Helion Energy.

Pat was contacted personally by Donald Trump to help his campaign in getting the vote out. Pat produced over 3 million studio quality robocalls to get out the vote for senior and Christian votes for Trump and other conservative candidates.

We learned that you are part of the transition team.

For five years the two of us have been working together to acquaint public servants and highly visible people with the fusion energy story and how the U.S. lost its preeminent position in fusion science in the 1980s through mismanagement. (Tom Tamarkin & Pat Boone)

It is essential that we bring this issue up in the Trump policy through a challenge to the private sector to demonstrate a sustained net energy gain controlled fusion reaction in America well before ITER.

We have a plan to generate several hundred million dollars annually to distribute to companies like Helion and the other private sector fusion start-ups based on our patents and business.

Tom would like to meet with you as soon as possible and layout a simple statement using this goal as the 21st century JFK moon project with the very worthy goal to supply energy to 9 billon people this century and all the economic benefits this will bring to America.

Please call Pat or Tom to arrange a short meeting to discuss how to incorporate this into the “Make America Great Again” plan.

Kind Regards,

Tom Tamarkin
Tom Tamarkin
Pat Boone
Pat Boone