2015 Letter to Donald Trump

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August 2, 2015

Mr. Donald Trump, Chairman and CEO
Trump organization
725 Fifth Avenue
New York City, New York 10022

Dear Mr. Trump:

America must be returned to its former greatness through leadership in pursuit of a purpose demanded by countries throughout the world. Today America has no strong cohesive leadership and no purpose to exist in the world beyond its instinct of survival.

In the 1940’s America was called upon to literally save the world. And we did. English is the default language of the world; not German or Japanese.

In the 1950’s America made enormous strides in medicine, disease vaccination, eradication and large scale agriculture production. We took the destructive scientific secret responsible for winning WW II and converted it to safe inexpensive atomic power. The same atomic power the Chinese are now deploying in over 60 new nuclear power plants throughout China.

In the 1960’s the administration challenged the people, scientific, and aeronautical communities to travel 248,000 miles in a zero gravity vacuum, put men on the moon, and return them safely to Earth. Modern communications, commercial jet aircraft, semiconductors, digital electronics, computers, and smart phones all came to be from scientific discoveries and technology developed for the space program.

Today more than ever we need a 21st century moon landing like project that the whole world can benefit from and follow.

It is time to once again challenge America to do the impossible. We must challenge our country to produce the scientific and technological solutions enabling 9 billion people by 2050, around the world, to have virtually unlimited, safe, 100% non-polluting, inexpensive energy.

In so doing we will develop the intellectual property, know-how, products, and long term energy services that can generate trillions of dollars in revenues for American enterprises and tax dollars to pay off close to $20 trillion in American national debt.

As importantly such a national goal will provide America with a new reason to exist; a new purpose to remain the preeminent world superpower. Education will be rebuilt. World class scientific leadership will be reestablished. And Americans will once again take pride in their role in the world.

Mr. Trump, it is time that we challenge the private enterprise sector to complete the scientific and technological work necessary to demonstrate controlled fusion energy within a decade. Our goal should be to make it practical and commercially available to produce both electricity and synthetic liquid fuels to supply America’s energy needs and those of the world by 2035. This must be done in order to ensure the continuation of our great country and the safety and well being of our children, grandchildren, and all the future citizens of the world.

No challenge is more important, and no challenge will produce more benefits to the American economy and the stability of the world. Today, countries are sending delegations to America requesting our help and our technologies to solve their energy problems. What do we do? We lecture them on building small sustainable gardens and explain how to mount solar cells on roof tops. That is no energy solution. That is green energy corruption.

America is in desperate need of leadership and purpose. It is time to take action and make America great again. It is time to challenge America’s scientists and engineers to correctly solve energy through controlled fusion and expose the AGW-climate change driven Big Green Energy Scheme corruption scam once and for all.


Tom D. Tamarkin

References and points for your consideration


The young “millennial” generation today is a birth product of what Dr. Dennis Prager refers to as the lost generation (30-65,) and the millennials need values and leadership for the future; they do not intellectually support their parents’ generation. See Prager video at: https://fusion4freedom.com/reason-to-exist/

Mark R. Levin in his book, “Plunder and Deceit: Big Government’s Exploitation of Young People and the Future” says the biggest issue concerns the falsity of the environmental movement, AGW-climate change, and its push for “green Energy” at the expense of solving energy for future generations.*


  • AGW-climate change
  • The Big Green Energy Scheme
  • The young Americans have no understanding of what it means to be American, and no strong aspirational values, direction, and serious goals, thus, as Dennis Prager points out in above video, America has no reason to exist.


Today’s situation:

Americans and specifically its youth need a challenge. In the 1940’s we had WW II. We won it. America saved the world.

In the 1960’s we had a challenge to go to the moon and back. We did it. America was number 1 in the world again.

And now it is time to Make America Great Again. A New Challenge for all Americans to rise up and be of service to the world.

The world is in an energy crisis. No one is talking about it. Europe is in an energy mess. China is putting on line several coal fired power plants per month. India is in a similar situation. Over 1.5 billion people in the world live without electricity. Countries come to America and ask for our help to solve energy. What do we do? We lecture them on “sustainability” and how to grow home gardens and put up solar panels.

The Solution to Rebuild America:

  • In 1980 President Carter signed the Magnetic Fusion Energy Engineering Act which was approved virtually unanimously by house and senate.
  • The objective was to demonstrate clean, safe, cheap and unlimited fusion power by 1990 and to have a fusion power plant on the grid by 2005. See: https://fusion4freedom.com/magnetic-fusion-energy-engineering-act-of-1980-mfeea/
  • By June 1985 the Act was scrubbed and the project cancelled because of the Russians. See: https://fusion4freedom.com/how-russia-caused-the-worlds-preeminent-super-power-to-lose-25-years-in-its-quest-to-correctly-solve-energy/
  • President Gorbachev convinced President Reagan to scrap the American fusion development (as explained in the above article) in efforts to form an international consortium of countries to solve and develop (and control) fusion energy which became ITER. ITER was 20 years late in its formation and is now 15 years behind schedule after its formation and 10 billion dollars over budget. ITER is run by the IAEA. America is only a 9% partner. ITER will most likely fail in its mission to demonstrate fusion feasibility now set for 2034. See ITER video at: https://fusion4freedom.com/way-to-new-energy/
  • Fuel R Future’s founder, Tom Tamarkin, is a world expert in the history, politics, science, and programs of fusion and has written on the subject since 2005. His article “Who Killed Fusion” is a standard reference in the science labs around the world in several languages. See: https://fusion4freedom.com/who-killed-fusion/
  • Hollywood legend and icon, Pat Boone, and Tom Tamarkin have co-authored a series of 8 articles on the history of fusion, its lack of progress because of incompetent management and political in-fighting, and corrupt business and government influences. See: https://fusion4freedom.com/good-grief-how-much-more-does-pat-boone-want/
  • In July 2012 Tamarkin wrote Donald Trump and suggested a briefing on these issues. See 2012 Letter to Donald Trump: https://fusion4freedom.com/letter-to-donald-trump/
  • Today this is imperative:
  • Mr. Trump should suggest a bold program to get the AGW-climate change discussion off the table…and stop wasting billions and billions of dollars studying it each year by leap frogging the “Greenies” solar, wind, geo-thermal and bio-fuel nonsense energy programs and challenge America to CORRECTLY SOLVE ENERGY by demonstrating fusion in the private sector in partnership with our national laboratories over the next decade. See: https://fusion4freedom.com/category/news/climate-news/
  • The current waste and corruption in the green energy scheme will bring America down as the last remaining superpower. This nonsense must be stopped now. And America must be challenged to do the science and engineering to master fusion energy and control the intellectual property and knowhow which it can sell to the world for hundreds of years and generate trillions…not billions but trillions…of dollars.
  • Newt Gingrich attempted to suggest such a major challenge and science based project in the first 2012 TV Network debate on CBS with Scott Pelley moderating but he lost his focus by talking about going to the moon again to mine something important (a rare isotope of helium to be used in fusion.) See: https://fusion4freedom.com/china-is-going-to-mine-the-moon-for-helium-3-fusion-fuel/
  • This project can be the Manhattan Project of the 21st Century, the difference will be it is not secret. It can be more important than the moon shot project because the results are much more practical; solving energy for the world.
  • This is very important to America because over the next 50 years all the big power generating stations…coal, gas, and nuclear…will be retired due to age. Now we need a rebirth in conventional nuclear and a crash program in fusion. Solar cells and windmills will send us back into the 17th century. See: https://fusion4freedom.com/category/issues/fusion-solution/
  • Fuel R Future group has put together an extensive website with a section exposing the green energy corruption in collaboration with our colleague, Christine Lakatos. Over 50 articles over the last 4 years are indexed and posted; $200 billion of corrupt AGW-climate change and green energy driven schemes have been uncovered and exposed. See: https://fusion4freedom.com/the-green-corruption-files-archive/

* Perhaps the most arresting chapter is Levin’s exploration of the environmental movement, which claims to make the world more sustainable but does the opposite. Many conservatives are familiar with critiques of the “climate change” agenda, but Levin goes far deeper, exposing the “degrowther” movement that revives 19th-century communism in the guise of 21st-century science, and which is at the heart of contemporary environmental activism and policy.

That movement, Levin argues, is hurting young people by discouraging the technological innovation that helps to save time–which is, for the young and ambitious, “the one priceless commodity, the most passionately needed.”

Historically, Levin points out, the young have been “the main beneficiaries” of modern labor-saving devices. “And if the production and, above all, the invention of such devices is retarded or diminished by the ecological crusade, it will be one of the darkest crimes against humanity–particularly because the victims’ agony will be private, their voices will not be heard, and their voices will not be noticed…”.

It is that silent constituency for which Levin speaks, in two ways. First, he argues for the general interest of the public as a whole, which is often overlooked by the central government because its policies create vocal minorities that are better able to defend their interests.

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