Petition for Fusion Energy for the World

If all peoples of the world are to live comfortable lives and have the ability to prosper, we must increase total worldwide annual energy production by a factor greater than ten times current production. That is not possible with today’s energy sources and if it were it would deplete fossil fuel reserves well before the middle of this century. “Alternative green and renewable” energy sources can supply less than 4% of projected 2050 total energy requirements. There is only one way to produce this amount of energy to support mankind. That is the conversion of mass into energy through the process of fusion power.

fusion is safe and clean. The fuel cost is near zero. There is enough of it to last the human civilization for millions of years. It is Nature’s own way of producing energy in the Sun and in the stars. We know absolutely for a fact that it works because it has been produced by humans in thermonuclear tests. What remains to be done is to engineer a solution to generate fusion energy in a commercial power plant at a sufficiently low operating cost in order to produce electricity, as well as liquid synthetic fuels for aircraft and the like.

Sign this petition to be sent to world leaders, US congressmen and UN president Ban Ki Moon to make the development of fusion energy a major priority in the world, above climate change policies and solar and wind subsidies.
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