The Public Service Company of New Mexico plans for coal-free future 4 MAY 2017

PNM conducted a routine assessment of future power supply scenarios, through which it found that “the best version of its future self…was entirely coal-free.”

Julie McNamara writes in blog post for the Union of Concerned Scientists, “PNM’s vision of the future leaves viable renewable resources and energy efficiency opportunities on the table, and leans too heavily on natural gas—a path that puts customers at risk of bearing the high costs of overreliance.”

There’s more work that needs to be done. McNamara adds that, “PNM must prioritize resources that will best serve the people of New Mexico now and in the future, which means winding down coal alongside natural gas, all while doubling down on its commitment to energy efficiency and renewables.”

The utility’s Integrated Resource Plan included its coal-free finding, in which it “examines a wide range of future scenarios and determines the power supply portfolio that most cost-effectively meets its expected needs over the next 20 years,” explains McNamara.

Public Service Company of New Mexico plans to add more renewables and continue in its pursuit for increased energy efficiency, and adding natural gas peaking units.

PNM grid modernisation deal with Itron

In other news, PNM selected Itron to modernise the utility’s electric distribution system with the OpenWay Riva IoT solution.

PNM will deploy the solution across its entire service territory as a part of its Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Project, which aims to improve operational efficiency and customer service. [Itron launches new grid modelling service for utilities]

PNM serves more than 500,000 ‘New Mexico’ residential and business customers. The OpenWay Riva solution will afford PNM customers with access to usage information via a customer portal and the ability to request customised alerts related to their usage.

PNM will be able to reduce operating costs and experience operational benefits, including improved outage management, same-day service connections and disconnections, and timely, accurate and flexible billing for customers.

“Itron’s OpenWay Riva IoT solution will help PNM address its immediate needs for streamlined operations and reduced costs while laying the foundation for future capabilities,” said Mark de Vere White, president of Itron’s Electricity business line.

“With this selection, PNM joins more than 10 other utilities that have chosen Itron’s OpenWay Riva solution, which has the power to transform utility operations, delivering new value in distribution system efficiency, reliability and safety.”