Rabbi Cohen Letter to Sarah Palin

Chabad Sacramento letterhead

July 15, 2012

Rabbi Cohen

The Honorable Mrs. Sarah Palin
Governor, State of Alaska
U. S. Vice Presidential Candidate of the Republican Party
C/O Mr. John (Jack) Donahue
100 Bay Road
Naples, Florida 34102

Blessings from Rabbi Mendel Cohen

Dear Governor and future Vice President Palin:

Our Talmud says elected officials are not elected by the people but rather they are elected by
G-d through people (I am certain my friend Rabbi Yossi Greenberg in Alaska has acquainted
you with the Talmud). May G-d continue to give you the strength to lead our country and
maintain its preeminent super power status (because of its constant kindness) through these
very turbulent times.

In the early 80’s Chabad leader Rabbi Manachem Schneerson strongly said America must get
off foreign oil. He said America is held hostage by the people of most of the Middle East. This
prevents America from accomplishing its good throughout the world.

Rabbi Schneerson believed with all his heart that G-d’s infinite energy source from which
creation was created is manifest in the Sun. By understanding these processes of the sun,
mankind will become free from the yoke of other nations.

May g-d give you the strength to do that which will be an incredible achievement for mankind
and for America, helping make this world a better place.

With blessings in leading the entire world, may you come to know the source of G-d’s infinite
energy and the means by which man will harness this infinite energy. G-d’s hand is everywhere
including the creation of man which we just celebrated last week and the creation of energy for
man’s use.

Sincerely, with blessings,
Rabbi Cohen sig
Rabbi Mendy Cohen

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