Schroeder Letter to Sarah Palin

Gerald Schroeder, Ph. D.

Jerusalem, Israel

3 October 2008

The Honorable Mrs. Sarah Palin
Governor, State of Alaska
U. S. Vice Presidential Candidate of the Republican Party
C/O Mr. John (Jack) Donahue
100 Bay Road
Naples, Florida 34102

Ref: Republican 2008 Victory & World Wide Energy Independence

Dear Mrs. Palin:

It is my sincere belief that it is imperative that the McCain ticket be elected this year. The key to the election is Energy. Free America’s dependence on foreign oil and the economy will heal itself! A recent article authored by you as Governor of Alaska, published in Energy Business Magazine shows that you understand that fossil fuels are finite. Simply put the world will run out of oil, coal, natural gas, and the like sometime in the lifetime of my grandchildren and yours.

Today we are sending over a half a trillion dollars per year to countries that do not like us very much; we purchase over 70 % of our oil from them. They in turn are using the profits to arm themselves. We are providing the money for radical Islam to arm itself.
While the other party talks about developing “alternative energy” solutions, we must understand that in total, solar, wind, tidal, geo-thermal and bio solutions can supply less than 5% of the Earth’s thirst for energy by the year 2040.

The new administration must admit this directly, openly and clearly to the public. The USA developed the U-2 stratospheric spy plane in one year when the pressure of the cold war forced this effort. America can do the same with the development of the only realistic alternative source of energy: fusion.

The solution is before us. Einstein summed it up as E=MC². As a three-time MIT Alumnus (BSc, MSc, PhD), I have witnessed the power of E=MC² (fission) six times while working with the United States Atomic Energy Commission testing of nuclear weapons. A different form of E=MC² (fusion – the same reaction as that which powers the sun) can be commercialized in proper time if America (and Israel) put their resources and minds to the project. Under E=MC², 1 gram of matter converts to the energy equivalent of 7 million gallons of gasoline. Fusion literally reaches back to the energy of the Creation.

A colleague, Mr. Tom Tamarkin, CEO of USCL, and I wish to meet with you in person to describe how this is fully achievable and may be crafted into a public captivating party platform. We will travel to you anywhere, any time at our expense, at your convenience. Mr. Donahue is the contact person for us.

Gerald Schroeder
Gerald Schroeder, Ph. D.

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