An Opera Soprano Sings for Fusion Energy

Amalia Ishak, friend of Tom Tamarkin, is a leading Israeli soprano, who hosted Tom Tamarkin’s series of interviews and visits about developing fusion energy in Israel.

Amalia Ishak and Leonard BernsteinAmalia Ishak, Amalia's mother and Leonard BernsteinAmalia Ishak, and Zubin MehtaAmalia Ishak and Zubin MehtaAmalia sings to parrot in EilatAmalia sings in the barber of seville
Photos, left to right:
Amalia Ishak watches as her mother gets an autograph from Leonard Bernstein
Amalia and Leonard Bernstein
Amalia and Zubin Mehta
Amalia sings Mozart to a parrot in Eilat, Israel
Amalia performing in a production of “The Barber of Seville”

Listen to the Israeli national anthem sung by Amalia Ishak, accompanied by Astrith Baltsan

flyer for Astrith Baltsan
Learn about the history of HaTikva musically from Astrith Baltsan

Behind the scenes of HatikvahBehind the scenes of Hatikvah
Behind the scenes of Hatikvah

Tom Tamarkin and Amalia Ishak
Tom Tamarkin and Amalia Ishak

Amalia Ishak and Mayor Ron Nachman of Ariel
last photo: Amalia Ishak and Mayor Ron Nachman of Ariel z”l