April 2016 Letter to Donald Trump

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April 20, 2016

Donald Trump Campaign Headquarters
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New York City, New York 10022

Dear Mr. Trump:

America is at a tipping point. This election can move us back towards our roots and make America great again, or it will be the final chapter in America as the once free and powerful democracy we knew her to be. It is essential that Donald Trump be elected president and dismantle and destroy the Washington D.C. establishment. Our government must be dramatically reduced in size, and rebuilt based on facts, freedom, and liberty.

America and indeed the world is heading towards the edge of a cliff on cheap abundant energy. Not tomorrow…not next year… but certainly over the next 2-3 decades. At the same time unscrupulous business leaders and liberal leaning politicians have given our citizens a false sense of security in suggesting that “green & renewable” energy sources can replace fossil fuels. They can’t.

We show, as an example, it would take over 900 years to make and install enough solar panels and batteries to replace today’s electrical power generation capacity in the US; over 5,000 years to provide energy for all sectors including transportation, agriculture, potable water and industrial. And the average life of a panel is less than 30 years; batteries 10 years at best.

The situation has been exacerbated by the EPA’s false & corrupt classification of carbon dioxide as a pollutant giving the federal government its regulatory authority to attack and attempt to close down the fossil fuel industry. Our simple explanation shows what a hoax this has become. Now AG’s across the country are being organized to aggressively expand the current administration’s attack on fossil fuels.

Decades ago we saw real pollution coming from our coal plants. We solved that in the 1970s and 80s. Now the polluters are China and to a lesser extent, India. That particulate pollution can create weather changes and climate disruption. Carbon dioxide cannot. America could make money working with the Chinese electricity coal industry selling products to clean that pollution up. But no. We allow the UN and its climate agenda to distribute monies from us and other western countries based on taxing CO2 a non-pollutant to underdeveloped corrupt countries.

Even a senior former UN climate official says climate change is not about climate but rather: “We redistribute de facto the world’s wealth (to poor countries) by climate policy.”  President Obama plans to send $500 million in American tax payer funds to the UN “Green Energy Fund” this year.

It is of paramount importance that we raise these issues and facts this summer at the height of the election cycle. And we must do this not by approaching any of the candidates for president directly but rather by approaching the people directly. Why? Because one candidate will speak out as the facts are already known by him. Indeed Donald Trump has said for years that man-caused global warming/climate change is a “hoax,” a “canard,” “mythical,” a “con job,” “nonexistent,” and “bulls—” to reject mainstream climate science.

Ted Cruz, to a lesser extent, has questioned the mainstream climate science and alarmism, although he pussyfoots around it through equivocal doublespeak. He will not take the strong action needed to arrest this foolishness. He will allow the corruption fostered by both parties to continue in Washington D.C and around the world as our president says “Climate Change is the most serious challenge confronting America in the 21st Century.” Both Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Sanders have signaled they will go down that yellow brick road…beyond the tipping point for America to remain the world’s preeminent power.

We plan to raise these serious issues to the general public through the release of a 20 to 30 second video animation designed to go viral. That will be followed by the staged release of a series of three video game trailers in advance of a major crowd source campaign designed to conclude in the September-October time frame. It is critical that this be released a few weeks prior to the Republican convention in the event of a contested convention due to Mr. Trump’s final delegate count. As mentioned above, Ted Cruz is not strong on exposing the climate hoax fraud and John Kasich supports man-made global warming/climate change theories.

We are developing a video game series we call PowerMasters™ which will become an instant hit in the multi-billion dollar video game industry. But unlike other games, our games matter. Our games teach and cause people to think. And in the spirit of Paul Newman and “Newman’s Own” brand “providing all profits to charity” we will distribute much of our revenues to a consortium to solve energy once and for all.

Young people will realize very quickly that Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Sanders plans to run America on solar based renewables are ridiculous, foolhardy, and put our national security at risk. Mrs. Clinton has stated she is going to put a lot of coal companies out of business. In a general election season our game strategy will help to syphon votes away from them to a “straight talker.” Someone who as Scott Baio recently said in an interview with Judge Jeanine Pirro “talks like me…like us…someone…we can understand.”

As this happens, Donald Trump can mold his image and project himself as the grandfather he is…concerned about the future lives of his grandchildren. This can be professionally directed to women as important action on behalf of women and their children. That can differentiate Donald from Mrs. Clinton who is being irresponsible towards the future of our children and grandchildren by destroying energy infrastructure but says vote for me because I am a female.

Our goal…our job…is not to insert ourselves in politics. We stay above that. Our goal as true American patriots is to build a great company with extraordinarily strong earnings using the political season time window for our launch. And as patriots doing something which will dramatically help our country by helping Donald Trump win the presidential election.

Why do we want to do this? Because this election season is the “tipping point” for America and to paraphrase Abraham Lincoln, Donald Trump may be the last best hope for mankind.

The world is on fire and America is the only potential extinguisher. The core of the issue is energy. The fire is the terrorism exported by the Middle East oil producing nations and the spread of radical Islam based on the caliphates. The world…not just America…is being held hostage by those using Middle East oil revenues to finance evil. Tom Tamarkin and Mudar Zahran a Jordanian Palestinian living in London in exile and sympathetic to Israel, wrote a landmark article on this.

At the same time, liberals like Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are severely damaging the future national security of our country by their reckless and irresponsible claims that they will shut down the fossil fuel industry and shift jobs to the “Big Green Energy Scheme.” Young people today believe them…especially Mr. Sanders…when they say this. Yet the fundamental science of “green, renewable energy” simply will not allow this unsustainable “pipe dream” to work.

The great climate change hoax has created a worldwide 1 trillion dollar per year industry and is the parent of the Big Green Energy Scheme. Yet poll after poll shows that Americans are not concerned with “climate change” and energy. After all gasoline prices are relatively low and electricity is abundant. And the corruption this has generated in Washington D.C. is perpetuated by the political hacks elected in the House and Senate in both parties.

Please click here and take the time to read our personal Founder’s Message to learn just how important this project is and how committed we are to making this happen.

It is imperative that you – Donald Trump – know exactly what we are doing.

I need to meet with you for 10 minutes…I will take 5. Any time, any place. But time is of the essence. It is important for a briefing to take place and it is equally important for the “face to face” allowing you to Judge my character and sincerity. I will present a very straightforward business proposal to develop a simple science and fact based section of the official Trump campaign web site to cover climate change, energy, and science & technology policy. This will be backed by an impressive group of Ph.D. scientists who on their own could and would never “stick their necks out” but who review everything to assure accuracy and correctness based on fact, not PC (political-personal corruption.)

We will also turn out one or two “zinger” sound bites per week for your team to craft into his style to crush the competition based on irrefutable science; something neither Mrs. Clinton nor Mr. Sanders have any appreciation for.

I am available to discuss this further by telephone. Time is of the essence if we are to make a release of our first animation several weeks before the all-important convention. Please call me at 916-482-2020. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.

Respectfully & Sincerely,
Tom D. Tamarkin