Yigal Cohen Orgad Letter



18 February 2016

Mr. Yigal Cohen Orgad, Chancellor
Ariel University
Ariel, 40700 Israel

Ref: Ariel University Proposed Project

Dear Yigal:

Please know that the Israeli patent office published our second patent in Israel on 31 December 2015 after issuing the Notice of Allowance in Jerusalem. My 26 May 2015 letter to you advised you that this patent application was in process in Israel.

The State of Israel, Justice Minister, Office of Patents has issued USCL a Notice of Approval for the most important patent which now brings the Israeli patents identical to those of the United States and specifically with regard to the 8, 639,390 and its expanded claim set. This patent in Israel was approved on 19 July, 2015 in Jerusalem. It was published on 31 December 2015 in Jerusalem and a certificate will be issued by the Israel patent office on 4 April, 2016. Click here for 221157 original Israeli patent NOA. A complete explanation of the patents is on-line.
Our Israeli law firm of WOLFF, BREGMAN AND GOLLER P. O. Box 1352, Jerusalem, 91013, Israel has advised us that the formal patent certificate for the IL 221157 will be issued on 1 April 2016.

My previous letter to you of 26 May, 2016 stands and we are now actively looking to build the business in Israel. The on line EnergyCite Master Plan summary of 7 points explains this.
We will keep you informed of our progress and we would appreciate your acknowledgment of this letter and commitment. Please advise us of who our principal contact at Ariel will be.

Thank you.

With Kindest regards,
USCL Corporation,
Tom Tamarkin
Tomer (Tom) Tamarkin

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