Brigitte Gabriel as Keynote Speaker at UN Anti-Semitism conference

Tom Tamarkin holding a Torah with Brigitte Gabriel

Tom Tamarkin receives a restored Torah Scroll rescued from Eastern Europe during the holocaust from a Denver Rabbi who presented it as a gift to Brigitte Gabriel in appreciation for her work and support of the Jewish community around the world; ceremony in Washington D.C.

Sept.8, 2014

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Wearing a Star of David, Brigitte Gabriel (a Maronite Arab born in Lebanon) who is the founder and president of ACT! for America, decried Antisemitism including its new form, Anti-Zionism.

Brigitte, delivered this powerful speech at the “Global Anti-Semitism: A threat to International Peace and Security” conference at the UN on Sept 8th, 2014. Quotes from her speech:

Natan Sharansky wrote about the 3 D’s test for Antisemitism:

1) Antisemitic Demonization: ‘If Israel has been committing “genocide” against the Palestinians, then why has the population of Palestinians increased more than 600% since 1948? Israel must be the most incompetent mass murders in the history of the world.’

2) Antisemitic Double standard: only Israel is constantly investigated while massive continued Human rights violators such as Iran, Cuba, China etc get a free pass.

Tom Tamarkin, Brigitte Gabriel in Washington DC

Brigitte Gabriel and Tom Tamarkin pose for a picture after her first briefing on energy, fusion energy, and Tom’s plan to do the development work in Israel; Bakersfield, California, September, 2009

3) Antisemitic Delegitimization: Israel irrefutable historical, legal and moral right to exist as a Jewish state is being attacked and questioned.

ISIS is a brutal Islamist organization similar to Hamas. Israelis have learned from history that if someone repeatedly says they will kill you, they mean it, a lesson that the world is only now learning…

The world has turned a blind eye to Palestinian attacks against civilians and now Islamic terror has spread from Moscow to Madrid, Bali to Beslan and Nairobi to New York. The whole world is their target.

“Israel, the Jewish state, the only democracy in the Middle East, continues to shine as a beacon of light in the darkest region of the world.”

We are summoned to take a stand and history will judge us!

Tom Tamarkin, Brigitte Gabriel and Gerald Schroeder in Washington DC

Tom Tamarkin, Brigitte Gabriel and best-selling author Dr. Gerald Schroeder (Ph.D., nuclear physics and earth science, MIT together in Washington D.C.) Follow link to see Dr. Schroeder’s published books and video interviews with Tom Tamarkin in Jerusalem, Israel.