Summary of the Zuckerberg Letter

EnergyCite®, i.e. Tom Tamarkin and Pat Boone, directed a letter to the Zuckerbergs.

The letter to the Zuckerbergs details the following:

» Today’s technologies; i.e. solar, wind, hydro, et al, can never be sustainable meaning they can never power the production of the generation machinery (solar panels, wind & water turbines) and supply power to people & industry.

» Today’s green energy” technologists” will not address let alone debate the above point in public.

» The environmental community is confusing the real issue by focusing on AGW or climate change leading to the waste of tens of billions of dollars on green energy solutions that don’t work.

» Today over 1.5 billion people worldwide don’t have electricity; another 2 billion people have never used motorized transportation. Energy forecasters overlook this.

» In order for all people in the world to have a per capita energy allowance close to that of Americans, worldwide energy production would have to be increased by 8 times current production.

» Increasing worldwide energy production by a factor of 8 is not possible but if it were, 200 years of fossil fuel reserves would be reduced to 25 years.

» The internet, social media, and instant telecommunications raise people’s expectations in developing countries to become industrialized and to be able to enjoy a western standard of living.

» We must move beyond today’s technology and develop new scientific understandings and discoveries which will allow new technology to be developed producing energy from new sources.

» As a matter of basic science there are only four ways to produce what the electricity utility industry refers to as “baseload power”.

» In 2014, baseload electricity comprised 27% of all energy used in the U.S.; 73% was used for non-electric commercial, industrial and transportation.

» 90% of all energy across all energy sectors is produced from plant & fossil fuels. That cannot continue. Climate change is not the reason. The reason is that fossil fuels are finite.

» Of all today’s “technologies” only nuclear fission can replace baseload electrical utility power generation. But it cannot replace transportation and other non-electricity energy demand.

» Nuclear fission is viable and safer less expensive generation facilities can be built; the downside is the long term radioactive waste produced.

» Matter anti-matter annihilation reaction is a theoretical means to convert matter to energy per E=MC2 at close to 100% efficiency with no pollution or radioactive waste; as of today it is purely theoretical and the level of science and process capability necessary to do this is 3 to 4 orders of magnitude greater than today’s technology.

» Fusion energy stands out as the only realistic solution.

» Fusion is attractive because it is based on safe light elements, produces no pollution and in its final aneutronic form produces no radioactive waste.

» Fusion may be used to produce synthetic liquid and gaseous fuels for the ground and aviation transportation sectors.

» Fusion is very late in its development due to chronic underfunding and poor management; an Act signed by the president in 1980 called for fusion demonstrations in the U.S. by 1995 and an on-line power plant by 2005.

» The notion that fusion science and development has been funded with billions and billions of American tax payer dollars is simply not accurate.

» Today the U.S. government is not funding any fusion science research in America except “work in kind” projects for ITER.

» It will require several decades of basic science, research, & development to bring fusion to the point of commercialization.

· It is imperative that we beging now because fossil fuels are finite and renewables as we know them today are of no help at the utility & transportation demand scale.

» The U.S. DOE is not actively pursuing and funding advanced fusion work.

» Several American, Canadian, and UK companies are pursuing fusion in the private sector; it is unlikely any of these will have major breakthroughs leading to energy before their investors lose patience and “pull the plug”.

» We propose to engage the American people in energy discussions by teaching them basic energy and science concepts through fun and exciting video games.

» We will generate substantial revenue through the video games which will be invested in an energy consortium to fund fusion science, R&D.

» These games are integrated into the consumers electrical power use through the new smart meters using our technology and patents licensed to the utilities through the consortium; significant recurring is provided for the life of the patents.

» Homeowners can manage their power consumption and lower their bills.

» Beyond fossil fuels, the future of energy will be energy based on knowledge; it is imperative that we engage the American citizen’s help and rekindle an interest in science and national accomplishment.

» The theme of energy based on knowledge can be the basis of an international peace movement.

» We plan on financing the initial game development using a very well-produced and managed Kickstarter campaign.

» We are now soliciting “seed funds” to produce and manage the Kickstarter campaign.

» We have brought this most important issue up to Tim Cook of Apple, Bill & Melinda Gates, Larry Page & Sergey Brin at Google, Elon Musk, Peter Thiel (investor in Helion Energy,) Harry Hamlin (early investor in Tri Alpha Energy,) Jeff Bezos (investor in General Fusion,) and Paul Allen (investor in Tri Alpha Energy.)