Battle of the Century

Steve CooperBy: Steve Cooper

The world is divided into two major camps and neither shows any sign of retreating from their battle lines.  On the one side are those who believe global warming is man-made and is caused by greedy oil companies and short-sighted people choosing profit over the planet.

On the other side are those who believe any climate change is natural and that those in power are crying, “Man-made climate change” to drive people by fear so they can use carbon credits to redistribute wealth for a global system.  They believe, “He who controls energy…controls the world.”

The reality is that there is some truth on both sides of this issue.  But the ultimate reality is that if you are passionately fighting on either side of this battle; spending time and money to promote your view…

The Joke’s On You!

You see, there is one really important factor that both sides are ignoring; if man-made climate change is true, it requires an enormous supply of fossil fuel to keep those climate changes coming.  We are rapidly running out of fossil fuel, so this whole thing will just solve itself!  We are good to go.

Most man-made climate change enthusiasts believe the climate change will really hit the fan around 2050 to 2060.  As far as how long the fossil fuel will last, there is a vast difference in time lines among those who predict how rapidly growing world demand will deplete our planet’s energy supply.  Different groups have different agendas and give estimates that bolster their cause.

But if a neutral party, say some visitors from the Andromeda galaxy, came to Earth to give an estimate, how long would they give us?  Having no “skin in the game” or scales, as it may be, our alien visitors would be free to admit the evidence shows that around 2060 the planetary gas gauge goes to empty. (At lest for economically viable coal, gas and oil.)  Isn’t that a relief?  We can all relax because any man-made climate change will fix itself just as it begins to get serious.  So there you have it; problem solved.

What will this solution look like?  The developed countries of the world have the weight of their existence resting on some slender and delicate threads for the people’s day to day existence.  These delicate threads are the power lines that run across every developed country’s landscape.  The old world, the world of my grandfather, with its out-houses, horse drawn buggies, kerosene lamps and cattle drives was not that long ago and still lives closer to us than we might like to imagine.  While driving through a remote section of road on a snowy night, without passing a car for many hours, one can feel the breath of this old world on the back of our neck.  We feel it whisper to us that a little wheel bearing going out or an alternator belt breaking will bring this old world to us in an instant.

Unfortunately, on a global scale, we no longer know how to live in this world.  We are completely unprepared for it.  In fact, the world population has now grown much too big to be able to fit into this old world with its simple technology.  That is where the real competition will begin; just how good are you at throwing a spear or shooting a bow?

Some describe this future scenario with nightmare images gleaned from the popular zombie movies.  This is nonsense; Hollywood does not have enough capital or special effects capabilities to create the magnitude of horror caused by everyone on Earth trying to fit back into the old world.  The battle scenes would be too vast to capture or recreate as nations go beyond all morality to lay hold of the last barrels of civilization’s life blood; oil.

The bottom line is; if you have been very concerned about man-made climate change, this article should effectively put those fears to rest.  For any other fears that you may have inadvertently gathered here, there is a solution.  Over the next twenty years, as this crises grows, you can spend every extra dollar you make on freeze dried foods, guns and ammo, while honing your fighting skills.  This need is inevitable, no matter what the politicians promise.  Oh, and go ahead and build that survival fall-out shelter you’ve always wanted, because the dying nations will surely super-size war efforts with the big ones.

It’s kind of like the old joke about the two campers and the charging bear.  As the one camper runs off the other shouts, “It’s hopeless; you can’t outrun a bear!”  The running camper shouts back, “I only have to outrun you. “ Take this joke as your new survival morality.  Teach it to your children.  You only need to survive until most everyone else is dead, then you will have enough.

What’s that you say?  You don’t want this kind of morality?  If I am guessing your thoughts correctly right now, you are wondering, “If there is a God in heaven, is this what we were made to become; hasn’t God provided some other path? “  Well yes, but it’ will take up some of our time and effort.  Plus we have maybe fifteen or more fairly good years left to sit back and enjoy the good life.  So, just put this article down, back away from it and in about half an hour everything will seem normal again.  Promise!  I mean, do we really want to give up that funny sit-com on TV tonight to learn about how to change the course of the world from darkness and death? Really?

Okay, maybe you are that odd person who really is willing to do something.  So here’s a little riddle for you to solve.  I don’t just want to give away the secret that can change the course of humanity.  Here’s the riddle.  We need a lot of energy, something that will burn fuel for an incredibly long time; almost forever.  It is something you have seen every day since you were born, so you may not even have asked, “How does it keep burning and giving off so much light and heat?”

That yellow ball in the sky that heats all the planets, almost forever…that’s it.  But there is not enough of this energy that actually hits the Earth to meet our needs with solar.  But the energy source of the sun is called fusion. It is opposite from the nuclear power plants we have running now because it creates new elements, like on the sun, instead of breaking them down and causing radiation waste.  Recent experiments have given us the kind of breakthroughs we need to show that we can safely bring this energy within our control.  Don’t worry, it will always go out, not explode if things go wrong.  We only need to press on and we can have unlimited energy – unlimited dreams… with no nightmares.  So, you were right, God has another path.  Now we will just have to take it.  If this sounds good to you, just follow the link below to learn more about how to change our future.

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