Fusion for Children

Download this book as a printer friendly PDF Have you ever wondered how the sun keeps burning for such a long time? Why doesn’t the sun just burn out like a campfire? Many years ago, when the author of this book was just in second grade, my teacher told the class about the three things … Read more

Battle of the Century

By: Steve Cooper The world is divided into two major camps and neither shows any sign of retreating from their battle lines.  On the one side are those who believe global warming is man-made and is caused by greedy oil companies and short-sighted people choosing profit over the planet. On the other side are those … Read more

Lord of the Rings

The world has now been given the dark Ring of Power. Unlike the fantasy “Ring of Power” the real version is very tiny; in fact, it is the size of an atom. But the “ring’s” punch is even bigger than expected. The evil it is capable of bringing to the world is also just as … Read more

We Can Feed the World with Fusion

The need for a change from fossil fuels is so much more than the high prices at the gas pumps. Sure these are hurting us all, especially the less fortunate among us. But the world is changing, and our dependence on fossil fuels has reached the end of the time this can continue in even … Read more