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Tom and Emily Tamarkin, Jerusalem

Tom and Emily Tamarkin, Jerusalem

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Tom Tamarkin, Founder and Managing Editor

By Steve Cooper

I first met Tom Tamarkin at a fund raising event for Senator Barbara Alby. Senator Alby is the author of Megan’s Law. In an impromptu move by Senator Alby, Tom was asked to come to the microphone and explain a political issue. Later, I introduced myself to Tom and we exchanged email addresses. What I thought was going to be a contact for political information turned out to be a life changing event. Tom’s passion is not politics; it is the vision of a much better world, through the inexhaustible energy of fusion.

In some ways Tom seems the unlikely visionary; he lacks the bravado that Hollywood has taught us to associate with such people. But you soon learn he is a driven man and his strength is not in bravado, but in a keen intellect and a clear understanding of what is at stake for the world. After getting to know him it was clear that it is the promise of fusion that pulls him along this path, but I think even more powerful in his life are the forces that push him on. Tom carries the curse of all visionaries; he clearly sees in his mind the nightmare scenarios that will come to us all if we do not properly solve the energy problem. This is very real to him.

To help avoid the consequences of continuing with our oil dependence and to bring the promise of fusion to the world, Tom created the organization, Institute of Fusion Energy Coordination. (IFEC) IFEC is pulling together physicists and leaders from around the world to bring a workable fusion unit to humanity. The movement is growing rapidly as more and more people catch the vision for fusion. It is this vision that has prompted me to join with others to create the Fusion for Freedom Web site. This Web site is dedicated to promoting the cause of fusion through IFEC.

Having been educated in both science and business, Tom has the right tools that have allowed him to put together an organization that is both scientifically guided and with tight controls so funds are used in an effective manner. Apart from his education and experience in these matters, there is one quality about him that made me understand the depth of his commitment. Tom is the founder and president of USCL Corporation. He holds patents for smart meter technology that will help people take control of their home energy use. Unlike many people who find themselves poised to make a large amount of money in the future, Tom is not thinking in terms of yachts or private jets; his plan is to use this money to promote fusion. In my mind, this is the level of dedication that separates the chatter-boxes from the doers in the world.