Peace, Prosperity, Science and Spirituality

Dr. Gerald Schroeder (Ph.D. MIT nuclear physics and earth sciences) discusses the need for the development of nuclear fusion energy with Tom Tamarkin

This discussion takes place overlooking the Temple Mount and Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem, Israel on December 9, 2012

Gerald Schroeder
Dr. Schroeder is known throughout the world as lecturer on science, religion and God.
He is the author of four books; the second of which was a “Best Seller; Non-Fiction.”
Genesis and the Big Bang
The Science of God
The Hidden Face of God
God according to God
Genesis and the Big BangThe Science of GodThe Hidden Face of GodGod According to God
Watch a lecture by Dr. Schroeder on Genesis and the Big Bang
Dr. Schroeder has taught at MIT, the Weizmann Institute in Rehovot, Israel, and the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel

Hosted by Amalia Ishak

Produced, scripted, edited, and directed by
Tom D. Tamarkin
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