Our Patented Products and Technology: EMS-2020 Total Home Energy Management tools to help you save money Icon driven menus that let you navigate quickly and effortlessly; a mere click shows you how much you are saving! Supports manual, automatic, or remote load control Wireless ZigBee enabled communications to power meter, programmable communicating thermostat, gateway, energy … Read more

Second USCL Israel Patent: July, 2015

The State of Israel, Justice Minister, Office of Patents has issued USCL the most important patent which now brings the Israeli patents identical to those of the United States and specifically with regard to the 8, 639,390 and its expanded claim set. This patent in Israel was granted on 19 July, 2015 in Jerusalem.

Resource Management Game for Energy

1 Copyright 2015; Proprietary to Development Team; All Rights Reserved Power R Future Resource Based Energy Simulation and Modeling Game PowerRFuture™ trademark held by USCL Coporation, copyright 2015.All rights reserved. Fuel R Future Game IP currently owned by game developer Doug Bell and conceptual developer, Tom Tamarkin. All IP will be assigned to USCL upon … Read more

Energy Game

Click here for read only PDF Click here for read only PowerPoint pptx Click here for the financial proforma and project management module 2 Copyright 2015; Proprietary to Development Team; All Rights Reserved Brief Overview of the Proposed Game A global energy simulation game Models world energy supply and demand Supports multiple modes of play … Read more

The KPI-Based Reputation Policy Language

Slim Trabelsi SAP Research Mougins, France Luca Boasso Politecnico Di Torino Torino, Italy Abstract—Trust policy languages are implemented to express the trust requirements of the users. These requirements are represented by a set of rules specifying the necessary conditions that should be fulfilled by an entity in order to gain the trust of … Read more

Nondisclosure and Non-circumvent Agreement

You have requested a confidential document and therefore we require you to read the terms and conditions of non-disclosure and non-circumvent and agree to the terms prior to viewing and/or downloading the document. These terms are set forth in this agreement as follows: This Nondisclosure and Non-circumvent Agreement (hereinafter “Agreement”) entered into by and between: … Read more

Yigal Cohen Orgad Letter 18 February 2016 Mr. Yigal Cohen Orgad, Chancellor Ariel University Ariel, 40700 Israel Ref: Ariel University Proposed Project Dear Yigal: Please know that the Israeli patent office published our second patent in Israel on 31 December 2015 after issuing the Notice of Allowance in Jerusalem. My 26 May 2015 letter to you advised you … Read more

Заявление для всего мира от имени американского и израильского народов

Соединённые Штаты Америки, благодаря свободе своего народа и приверженности ценностям просвещения и свободного предпринимательства, создали величайшую из наций, которые когда-либо знал мир, в смысле богатства, общечеловеческих ценностей и готовности помочь всем народам мира достичь подобного состояния. Соединённые Штаты Америки готовы прийти на помощь народам в решении самой насущной проблемы 21-го века – проблемы необходимости и … Read more