Tom Tamarkin Discusses In-home Energy Displays & Smart Meter

Tom Tamarkin discusses the development of the modern utility “smart meter” and the in-home network and display to allow consumers to take charge of their electricity and utility services usage with Cheryl Bly-Chester, Ph.D., and Sacrament Talent Showcase host, Tony Frontino. Tom shows prototypes of the in-home display and related digital programmable communicating thermostat.

News Coverage of Gov. Schwartzenegger in Israel in 2005

CBS and NBC news coverage of California Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger’s 2005 trip to Israel where he met with Tom Tamarkin and Israeli officials about energy, trade relationships, and the groundbreaking of the Center for Human Dignity Museum of Tolerance in Jerusalem. Mistress of Ceremony Oshart Kotler Bengal introduced guests of honor and speakers including Benyamin … Read more News Coverage of Gov. Schwartzenegger in Israel in 2005

Energy Basics

By: Tom Tamarkin Founder Fusion4Freedom & President USCL Corp Where does energy on our planet come from? There are three primary sources of material amounts of energy on Earth. The word material means an amount of energy greater than 2 % of total worldwide energy demand combining all sectors of transportation, industrial, commercial residential, agricultural, … Read more Energy Basics