Letter to Vice President Pence from Pat Boone

Personally Hand Delivered June 10, 2017 Washington DC

June 7, 2017

The Vice President of the United States
Old Executive Office Building
Washington DC 20501

Dear Mr. Vice President:

For the last six years I have been working on the issues of correctly solving energy for our future and to expose the false politically driven nature of the AGW and climate change alarmists. The false climate change narrative has driven a trillion dollar plus green energy industry which produces products that cannot provide cost effective energy without massive government and rate payer subsidies. This gravy train is unsustainable.

It should be noted that EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt has recently called for a “red team” and “blue team” of scientists to review the matter of CO2 impact on the Earth’s temperature in a thoroughly scientific analysis and present the objective unbiased results to the American people. The fake news of man caused global warming and man caused climate change will then be exposed and settled.

My partner in these efforts is Tom Tamarkin in Sacramento, California. He has written three letters to President Donald Trump; two before his election and one following the election. These are enclosed herewith.

The July 20, 2012 letter was sent to Mr. Trump’s New York office. The August 2, 2015 letter was sent to Michael Cohen, Esq., via email with a request that he forward it to Mr. Trump. The most recent November 18, 2016 letter was sent to the President Trump on-line suggestion solicitation on his post-election website. We have no indication that Mr. Trump or his senior staff has reviewed any of these critical letters.

Mr. Vice President, can you kindly scan these letters and ask a senior member in the executive office to review them in detail and follow the hypertext links for background information. They are posted on-line with active hypertext links to our website at: https://fusion4freedom.com/letters-donald-trump. We seek a meeting with President Trump to discuss these issues directly or a senior member of his team who will report directly to the President and report back to us.

Climate change, either in the form of higher or lower temperatures, won’t kill the grandkids. Having little energy will. It is critically important that we stop wasting money on the climate change and green energy schemes now and begin to address how we will supply energy for future generations.

He who controls energy controls the world. It is for that reason that China has an extremely ambitious nuclear power plan, and that China is now leading the world in fusion energy science, research, and development activities. America must wake up and take control of our future.

We have a plan complete with Congressional committee ready bill language to incentivize the private sector to do what the government could not do in 50 years with billions and billions of dollars spent in the process. We have a plan to prove fusion energy will work within 10 years.

Most importantly we urge President Trump to issue a Presidential Proclamation to the private sector to demonstrate controlled atomic fusion energy within a decade. This can and will become the JFK moonshot project of the 21st century and will indeed make America great again.

Most respectfully,

Pat Boone