How Pat Boone became spokesman for a fusion energy consortium

pat boone and tom tamarkin

By Tom D. Tamarkin

Pat Boone, the iconic Hollywood singer and entertainer, became the official spokesman for EnergyCite® and a MOU was signed on March 28, 2011. The relationship resulted from a meeting in February and culminated a decade of work by USCL/EnergyCite®. A brief history follows along with the minutes of the Pat Boone – Tom Tamarkin meeting.

In April 2001 USCL EnergyCite® held an open house in Sacramento, California after inviting all California state politicians including senate & assembly members, secretary of state, lt. governor and the governor as well as California Energy Commission members. I made a ten minute presentation on the state of energy development and explained the reasons for the 2001 California winter electrical blackouts. I also explained the 1980 Magnetic Fusion Energy Engineering Act, signed by President Carter in October 1980 which called for the demonstration of fusion power by 1995 and at least one demonstration fusion power plant connected to the power grid by 2000. It was noted that we were 20 years late and very little work had been done on fusion power development since 1981.

A demonstration was provided of advanced concepts and prototypes for what would become the “smart meter” for electrical utilities. I stressed that a smart meter is best used to create smart customers by providing the customer with real time energy cost, usage, and accumulated billing information inside the home. WCBS, Channel 2, New York City, features the concept in an interview with me. The need for energy conservation was stressed until energy is correctly solved by completing fusion development; every year’s worth of fossil fuel saved was one more year to get the fusion program completed and power generation plants on line. It was noted that the smart meter and in-home displays could be integrated into a science and energy media delivery network used to teach people about the science of energy as opposed to energy politics and commercial dealings.

Senator Tom Torlakson was in attendance and within a couple of months Senator Torlakson authored CA Senate Bill 1976 which directed the state Public Utilities Commission and the California Energy Commission to jointly work on advanced metering and consumer price signals through a joint two year project.

Ten years later little changed. Major utility companies such as Southern California Edison, PG&E, and San Diego Gas & Electric in California for example were installing new smart meters based on our work and our specifications, which became the benchmark for all new meters regardless of manufacture. However, virtually none of the utilities were offering the in-home connectivity to their customers. And virtually no new work had begun in fusion development by the government or private sector.

Going back to work done in the late 1980s and early 1990s, I have been generally credited with “inventing” and promoting the “smart meter” within the utility industry and now have 7 granted patents on the smart meter and related systems topology. However, I consider this to be of far less importance than the work I have been doing in fusion advocacy over the past ten years.

In early 2011 I contacted Pat Boone in Hollywood and asked to meet him to enlist his support to advocate fusion and help put in place a program to turn the situation around.

Over the course of the last five years, Pat and I have written numerous articles together about the science & history of fusion power and the need to get back on track and we have submitted volumes of presentations and materials to various high net worth individuals and foundations. A video interview with Pat Boone covers many of the details. Today we have a solid plan to fund a consortium of researcher institutions and future product manufacturers as well as the EnergyCite® science and media “channel.”

A meeting was held at the Beverly Hills office of Pat Boone at 10:00 AM, February 21, 2011. In attendance were Pat Boone, Tom Tamarkin and Daryl Temkin. The following points were discussed in detail and follow-up action by Pat Boone and Tom Tamarkin was outlined.

The following minutes accurately summarize our first meeting held at Pat’s office:

  • Current “alternative energy” will not meet the world wide energy requirements by 2050.  Project 95% shortfall.  This includes all energy industry sectors including transportation, commercial, industrial, residential, agriculture, and potable water production and transportation.
  • Fossil fuels are finite and we will begin to run out in our children’s and certainly grand children’s life time.
  • The United States has 4% of the world population and consumes 28% of world energy.  This holds other people and nations down.  For all nations of the world to have a decent standard of living approaching 75% of the U.S. standard of living would require that we increase world wide energy production by over 5 times.
  • Geopolitical stability worldwide will be effected due to many countries attempting to insure their energy supplies (at the expense of other countries;) energy wars are inevitable.

    Alternative energy sources are good and should be developed but that alone can give people a false sense of security.

  • Emphasis needs to be put on solving energy, not global warming caused by man. (solve energy correctly and the global warming argument goes away.)
  • Long term solution is commercialization and deployment of controlled nuclear fusion (CNF) with a long term eye on matter anti matter energy conversion.
  • No serious CNF work is now going on in the United States except that required by our ITER responsibilities and the NIF project at Lawrence Livermore Labs (a $4 billion NNSA nuclear weapons stockpile stewardship project, left over from the “Star Wars Weapon program.”).  Most high energy experimental physics projects have been discontinued in the U.S.; the Superconductor Collider Center in Austin Texas is a famous example which has gone over seas.
  • American politicians are for the most part unaware of CNF.  Further they have little “stomach” for a 15 to 20 Billion dollar project which will not yield fruit for 8 to 15 years.
  • The government, per se, will have a difficult time funding this effort short of some non voluntary tax.
  • Foreign governments and established fossil fuel companies will initially oppose and discredit this project for self serving reasons.
  • The U.S. is in a state of rapid decline (we are on fire.)
  • A fusion development program could be the JFK moon race challenge of this decade to rebuild America, its education, values, and sense of moral purposefulness.
  • Launching this program is a moral responsibility and duty of America; billions of people will perish in 50 years if we do not.  The State of Israel is the world’s moral compass. Israel should be involved on some basis; initial to advocate the urgent need based on the facts surrounding “green energy” as we know it today.
  • Talmud & Chasidic Tanya teaches us that Israel is not a state or geographic location per se, but rather the collection of all Jews (Jacob) throughout the world.  When one country outside Israel has significant percentage of the world wide Jewish population, that country assumes the responsibilities and accountabilities of Israel as set forth by G-d and handed down  to the Israelites at Sinai.  Today, that country is the United States of America as our Jewish population is ever so slightly greater than the State of Israel.  This is the root of America’s unshakable bond with the State of Israel, the first flowering of our redemption.
  • An Israeli university should be engaged to conduct the projected supply and demand study USCL commissioned a U.S. scientist to do with greater academic rigor.  This will show the world the seriousness of the problem and Israel’s contribution to making the world a better place for all peoples.  In conjunction with the Internet, social media, etc., Israel will lead the healing process between the uneducated poor people in the Islamic and other developing countries.  This needs to begin now as the Arab nations surrounding Israel are collapsing as a result of Internet triggered citizen revolutions.
  • The Bible says in the first few lines of Genesis (1:3-4) that there are two forms of light (and energy,) the optical (Sun and Moon) and the divine (the light & energy of the creation.)  The divine is reserved for a time when mankind becomes righteous.
  • Dr. Gerald Schroeder touched on the theme of good, evil, and the need to give back in a recent presentation at a Chabad lecture.
  • The current energy producing and delivering business enterprises and countries have been immoral to an extent by maximizing profit and withholding this information from the people.
    A group of wealthy business executives have come together pledging a large percentage of their fortunes to charity in The Giving Pledge.
  • An Energy Solution Development trust should be formed and funded in part from this group which will collectively be giving between 10 to 20 billion dollars to charities to make a better world.
  • The people of America need to know much of this information.
  • Tom Tamarkin and USCL began this effort in Q1 2001 and are absolutely 100% dedicated to the successful outcome of EnergyCite® and getting the United States back on track along with reversing the world wide image of Israel.
  • USCL and EnergyCite® is a prime vehicle to do this by providing energy awareness information and media content into a large proportion of American homes.  This can include positive information about Israel and its leadership position as a “light to all nations” in conjunction with its contributions in science and project management.
  • The heart of the EnergyCite® program is the utility to customer data communication network and related real time meter data which is the subject of a granted U.S. patent and pending in the EU, China, and Israel.  There are also significant pending claims as the subject of a “Continuation” from the granted patent.  The patent itself it very valuable as it will produce ongoing revenues from utilities.
  • A grass roots bottom up approach will be used to get the people of America involved.  Real time feed back will be presented to the people on an interactive basis providing total transparency and progress feedback through the EnergyCite® energy “social media.”
  • It should also be stressed that based on the work of Dr. Irv Lindemuth and Richard Simone along with CYF Thio and others, a much more promising approach to fusion can be funded at a fraction of the ITER (and NIF) cost based on a magnetic inertial fusion approach mid-way between the inertial fusion and magnetic fusion parameter space. This work should be pursued now as practical results may be achieved before the end of this decade and for a modest budget in comparison to ITER and other “state sponsored” projects in the U.S. and around the world.
  • USCL is working on raising additional monies to fund a new book by Dr. Gerald Schroeder for now titled “The Light of the Creation; Nature’s Choice for Energy.”  This book would be the fifth book by Dr. Schroeder on science, morality, and theology.
  • Mr. Boone asked if we could arrange a meeting at Mr. Boone’s office with Dr. Schroeder and Tom Tamarkin some time between 22 February and March 10th.  Tom Tamarkin said he would do his very best to make that happen.  Mr. Boone will be out of time from this Thursday through Sunday afternoon.

The following was either asked or alluded to but due to meeting time constraints was not addressed:

  • Can the fusion development time line be shortened with more funding?  The short answer is yes.  The ITER solution is not a good solution.  Dr. Rob Goldston (in the Princeton Plasma Physics Lab video) and Tom Tamarkin came up with a good idea last week (confidential.)  The concept is for America to buy out as many of the ITER’s country partners as possible so that the US holds all the cards and can accelerate work on a practical program as opposed to a large multi-country science fair project that will not provide results for two decades.  This would enhance America’s stature as a solid responsible super power and Israel would be intimately involved.  Off the record Dr. Goldston believes this can be done politically although it could be tricky.   Most of the partnership countries are broke themselves and can not afford to pay their dues and fulfill there research and building responsibilities (ITER is over 20 years late…)  Effectively buying out ITER is a good idea, but again the work can be done independently from ITER as a matter of National Security for the U.S. and Israel.  Israeli Science Minister Dr. Yuval Ne’eman advocated this development in Israel in 1990 but could not get traction because of the required amount of capital required to do the project.  Dr. Ne’eman was the mentor of Israeli scientist Dr. Shalom Eliezer with whom Tom Tamarkin remains in contact, and he is one of the world’s leading researchers in this field along with Dr. Goldston.
  • USCL/EnergyCite® can be up and running with the EnergyCite® component in less than 6 months and at a very modest investment cost.
  • USCL/EnergyCite® can get into positive cash flow and start generating significant recurring revenues within 12 months.  It becomes somewhat of a “cash cow.”  Profits will be invested into the fusion avocation plan.

Respectively submitted.
Tom Tamarkin
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CC:    Dr. Gerald Schroeder
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