Smart Meter


smart meter
  • The end user of the IP covered by the USCL patents is the utility company
  • It is the utility company that must practice the IP and therefore obtain licenses from USCL through the consortium which produce long term recurring revenue
  • Hardware manufacturers such as meter companies, meter communications modules, in-home devices like smart appliances, electric vehicle charging stations, smart thermostats, and the entire constellation of home automation and energy management devices connected to the smart meter via the ZigBee RF network are contributory infringers and must be brought into the consortium as well based on reasonable, fair, and equitable license fees.
  • As lead partner Apple gains enormous advantage over rivals in the smart phone and smart thermostat businesses.

How: Initially USCL will begin the formation of its energy consortium and bring in one or two “lead” corporate partners based on our patents and IP. USCL will become a cash cow from patent licensing soon so the enterprise is self-funding beyond this. Why? Because virtually every home and small business in America has electricity and a power meter and spends money with their electrical utility which infringes our patents unless licenses are in place.

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