Talking Points

Who: Tom Tamarkin is the inventor of the utility “smart meter”; with over 60 million installed in the US and another 40 million by 2018. He has been issued 6 patents in US, China, EU & Israel; founder of USCL and PowerRFuture. Patents cover the use of the smart meter in the utility’s billing system used to move $225 billion annually from all electrical utility customers in the country. CBS News featured in major market newscasts. Over the last 10 years Tamarkin has become a leading expert on why fusion power has not been demonstrated and commercialized and PowerRFuture is a leading fusion advocacy and information resource.

What: Hundreds of billions of dollars have been spent on climate change research and green energy alternatives like solar, wind, bio-fuels which are by themselves not capable of supplying 5% of 2050 energy demands. By 2060 virtually all electrical generating plants now operating in the U.S. will be retired due to age. Only coal, natural gas & nuclear can generate material amounts of power. New ones are not being built due to uncertainty in government policy (EPA) and high investor risk. USCL will generate significant cash (hundreds of millions annually) by licensing its patents to utility companies and lots of manufacturers. Much of this money will be invested in the development of the next generation of energy known as fusion energy.

When: The development of fusion will take a decade and must be started now because of fossil fuel reserves and the retirement of current generation capacity. This is shown in our example plan. Once demonstrated it will take another decade to commercialize and another to replace current infrastructure. Whereas people might assume that our government and DOE is funding efforts to get this done in the U.S. that is simply not true. Other countries are ahead of us. (“He who controls energy, controls the world”…)
Where: We propose development work to be done in the US through a consortium of companies and National Laboratories like Los Alamos National Labs, Lawrence Livermore, and others and actual experimental and pilot demonstration facility in Israel. We propose to do this in Ariel, Israel and in close cooperation with the University of Ariel. Tom Tamarkin has been working on this since 2006. Once we have critical resources and funding in place, our contacts in Israel are Yigal Cohen Orgad, Chancellor of the University. This will also be elevated to the Minister of Science and the PM given its worldwide importance. Why Ariel? Because it is outside the federal government’s jurisdiction and therefore zoning and regulatory issues such as Israeli labor and OSHA equivalent are circumvented.

This is of paramount importance because of the nature of the fusion experiments, the use of the tritium isotope of hydrogen and the propensity of regulators to delay projects they do not understand as well as the typical protests by people who do not understand science in the name of all things “green.”

Why: We will educate Americans in energy issues and matters of basic science so they in turn can steer elected leaders and appointed regulators into making correct informed policy decisions. We do this through video games we will develop. Doing this in Israel sets Israel apart in the world by solving energy for millenniums to come and stabilizing the Middle East by reducing oil revenues and forcing the beginning Islam reform. Part of the strategy with Israel involves Iran and a position on Iran’s nuclear program already shared with the Prime Minister.
How: Initially USCL will begin the formation of its energy consortium and bring in one or two “lead” corporate partners based on our patents and IP. USCL will become a cash cow from patent licensing soon so the enterprise is self-funding beyond this. Why? Because virtually every home and small business in America has electricity and a power meter and spends money with their electrical utility which infringes our patents unless licenses are in place.

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