PowerRFuture™ in partnership with its sponsors EnergyCite & USCL’s mission is to create a ubiquitous awareness of the value of energy, the recognition that energy obtained from fusion is the only solution to man’s need for large scale, clean, inexpensive and inexhaustible energy, and the skillful management of the scientific research and development of fusion leading to the commercialization of fusion power production systems through financial resources generated by the EnergyCite® consortium, composed of energy utility companies, technology providers, and utility customers nationwide.


The purpose of the PowerRFuture™ web site is to provide the public and its policy makers with education & enlightenment on the most serious issue confronting man, and yet is not currently being discussed let alone addressed. That is correctly solving energy beyond fossil fuel depletion. The site frames the problem in a manner no other site or institute has. We show how the AGW or climate change scare has driven the green energy industries and primarily solar based on tens of billions of dollars of subsidies and green energy philanthropic funds. We incontrovertibly show why solar, wind, biofuels and the like can only supply 4% of world energy requirements by 2050. We explain the energy solution…without pollution… based on plasma physics and the successful demonstration of controlled fusion.

Most Importantly we lay out a plan whereby we will form an industry consortium composed of utility, & energy companies, National Laboratories and ordinary people to actually develop fusion power and see that it is commercialized over the next two decades.


Benefits of Fusion

  • No more wars fought over oil and gas, and breaking Islamic strength that comes from oil money.
  • Unlimited and less expensive energy without pollution, mining or drilling.
  • Less poverty and disease because of abundant energy in areas without power before. The proposed fusion power stations will be small enough to be placed in remote areas.
  • Clean water in the desert and poor areas because desalinization of ocean and brackish water will become practical on a large scale.


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