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This is the general outline of the program Aired on Hebrew Nation Radio December 18, 2014. There is a great deal of material covered so these notes will allow the listener to review and obtain a wealth of background material at their convenience. Note that all colored text are embedded links to sections of our Fusion4Freedom web site which is, of course, safe and secure.

Part I. History & Background of Man’s Use of Energy:

As a matter of interest and in the essence of disclosure, please note there are different religious and scientific views on the age of the Earth and Universe. Dr. Gerald Schroeder, in Jerusalem, author of four well known books, has addressed this issue from the perspective of a Ph.D. in nuclear physics as well as an Orthodox Jew teaching at a Yeshiva in Israel. His work is beyond the scope of this discussion but he has reconciled the 13.6 billion year old universe (according to the cosmologist,) the 4.5 billion year old Earth (according to the geologist) and the 5,775 years from the time of “The Creation” (the age of the world according to traditional Judaism and our rabbis.) His paper, “The Age of the Universe” explains the mathematical model and his book, “The Science of God; The Convergence of Scientific & Biblical Wisdom,” first presented this and became an Amazon dot com best seller book for nonfiction. We believe the universe is 13.6 billion years old, the Earth is 4.5 billion years old and this year on the Hebrew calendar is 5775. Thus never let it be said that religious Jews and Christians form the party of anti-science.

Key Concepts:

Part II. The Solution:

The solution is to convert matter into energy through an atomic process similar to our current nuclear fission energy but in an entirely safe way we call fusion. Unlike our current nuclear fission, fusion does not use radioactive elements like uranium. It uses a form of Hydrogen available in sea water. And it works by combing atoms of light elements together to form a new element, most commonly Helium, and releasing a tremendous amount of energy in the process. It cannot blow up or melt down. It produces no emissions or greenhouse gases and no radioactive waste. It is the ultimate “green energy.” And when 2 ½ grams of the hydrogen fuel sources are completely fused we create close to 250,000 kilowatt hours of electricity. Follow this link to learn more about fusion power and a practical approach to developing it.

Part III. Where we are Today and Why Israel Must be involved:

Closing Statement and Call for Action:

  • By 2065 most of the existing electrical generation capacity or coal, gas, and nuclear generating plants in the U.S. will be off line and retired to their age. We must start to replace these old generation stations beginning 2030 (at the latest.)
  • We can no longer rely on coal; no new coal plants will be built in the U.S. because of government regulations and media/public perception.
  • Natural gas is limited if a conversion to all electricity from gas were to take place.
  • Nuclear fission is a solid alternative but the public is against it for all the wrong reasons and it takes a decade just to get approvals and licenses in place to build a new nuclear plant and costs millions and millions of dollars in the process.
  • Fusion is the only realistic solution. However we have a decade of science based R&D ahead of us followed by another decade of applied engineering and materials development followed by 1 to 2 decades of infrastructure replacement through construction. This takes us to the 2050 and beyond time frame.
  • We must start now; every year we delay is an additional year we are behind schedule and reneging on our responsibility to mankind to insure his future survival.
  • Developing fusion IP (intellectual property and scientific know-how) & technology will give countries/companies assets that can generate tens…hundreds…trillions of dollars over the next hundred years, as the whole world needs energy and is a market. And from a geo-political standpoint, “HE WHO CONTROLS ENERGY CONTROLS THE WORLD.” This is probably the only source of revenue and negotiating leverage America can and will ever have to pay off its 17 trillion dollar national debt.

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